Would Any Sane Person Be a PD?

By Leigh Jacobs | November 27, 2017

Here’s to the PD’s, those crazy people living with Nielsen-based uncertainty every moment of every day. We love you all.

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The Other Problem(s) with Commercials

By Leigh Jacobs | November 20, 2017

These spots don’t have to be live. They don’t have to be delivered by a marquee name, though they should be delivered by someone with a name (otherwise, how will the listener relate to him or her?).

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Is Radio Still Relevant?

By Leigh Jacobs | November 13, 2017

With a limited number of channels and heavy commercial loads, it seems to us that FM music radio is never going to beat the challengers by playing their game, which is based on music quantity and customizability.

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Who Trusts Radio for News in 2017?

By Leigh Jacobs | November 6, 2017

We have a platform with continued good will in the community. We have listeners interested in things that will impact their lives directly. Sounds like a good combination.

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Phil Becker Has a Shot at a $50k Marketing Budget!

By PJ Kling | October 31, 2017

  Congratulations to Phil Becker, our Grand Prize Finalist in NuVoodoo’s $50,000 Marketing Campaign Contest! Becker, Vice President of Content at Alpha Media, was randomly selected by Million Dollar Media from over one hundred entries we received. We wish him the best of luck as he goes for his shot at a $50,000 NuVoodoo Marketing Campaign,…

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When Spotify & Pandora Are on the Dashboard

By Leigh Jacobs | October 30, 2017

While older demos may be kinder to radio, we’d rather not envision a future with a dozen stations per market serving 40-54’s.

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New/Old Tactics to Increase TSL

By Leigh Jacobs | October 26, 2017

These formerly tried-and-true tactics can still provide lift for radio, provided their implementation is updated to use the full width of current technology and that you observe best practices in terms of playing the Nielsen game.

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DJ’s Shouldn’t Pick the Music, Right?

By Leigh Jacobs | October 23, 2017

Paired against the un-hosted, un-curated (or minimally-curated) streams available from Spotify or Pandora, the human connection on broadcast radio can achieve great things: preference and loyalty.

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Why Do We Love Ratings Participants?

By Leigh Jacobs | October 9, 2017

While broadcasters’ initiatives into digital-only content and distribution will be measured against the wider universe, over-the-air efforts continue to be measured against – and thus, have to be targeted at – ratings likelies.

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A Renaissance of Radio at Home?

By Leigh Jacobs | October 2, 2017

This new technology does force some housekeeping for some stations.

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