What Percentage Listen to Terrestrial At Work?

The NuVoodoo Fall webinar series kicks off this Wednesday, July 24. This first entry in our Fall webinar series is “How To Win The Workplace War In 2019,” based on our latest Ratings Prospects Study of over 3,000 respondents across all PPM markets. We’re starting with the dive into at-work listening because the market for audio entertainment at work has never been bigger (or younger). At-work listening has grown even since the last time we looked at the at-work marketplace in early 2018.

With 60% of the ratings-susceptible respondents we’ve identified saying they listen at work, there are a lot of quarter hours up for grabs. Yet, those who pay attention to declines in workday PUMM levels know that the competition for at-work listening has never been more fierce.

While the percentage listening to terrestrial-based streams at work has grown (and helps to tip the scale back in favor of broadcasters), digital pureplays, like Spotify and Pandora, take up a growing number of at-work ears. And with greater reliance on streams, needs to come greater attention to ensuring the streams give listeners a great experience, are easy to use and are as reliable as the over-the-air signal.

Any percentage experiencing problems with our streams and apps would be too high, of course. But, high percentages of heavy users of FM, as well as those who favor digital sources at work, report they’ve had troubles with station apps and streams. These data cover thousands of respondents in dozens of markets, referring to hundreds of stations. It’s critical that your station(s) is(are) not among those driving the troubles shown here.

We’ll share the best practices from our playbook to help you maximize your stations at work. We’ll highlight the best marketing channels for reaching those most likely to spend time with your station there. We’ll reveal contest opportunities that most interest at-work listeners. We’ll spotlight effective music packaging and tactics – beyond contesting – for boosting workplace listening.

Secure a slot by registering at nuvoodoo.com/webinars. If you can’t make the webinar series kickoff this Wednesday (July 24), there are additional sessions on July 31 and August 5.