Coming to Your Computer: NuVoodoo’s Ratings IQ Game Show

By Leigh Jacobs | May 20, 2019

It’s your chance to test what you know about likely ratings respondents, based on our 2019 Ratings Prospects Study.

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Will Bots Kill Your Station’s Digital Ad Campaign?

By Mike O'Connor | May 13, 2019

The most recent crackdown on digital advertising has come from Google/YouTube and they’ve lead the way replacing human ad-content policy-enforcers with bots. You can be sure Facebook will follow in these and other compliance areas.

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And The Happiest Music Station P1’s Are…

By Leigh Jacobs | May 6, 2019

These ratings likelies are more attuned to radio and happier with the stations they listen to, compared to the overall sample. It’s one more reason we love ratings participants.

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What Research Respondents Can Tell You About Songs

By Leigh Jacobs | April 29, 2019

Valuable data will tell you which songs are familiar and which songs people really like. From there, it’s up to expert programmers to make decisions using experience and intuition.

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If You Stop Doing Auditorium Tests …

By Leigh Jacobs | April 22, 2019

You get better data, from respondents who are in a more natural, comfortable setting. No group dynamics. No concerns about going to an unfamiliar hotel setting at night.

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Impediments to Effective Contests: Part Two

By Leigh Jacobs | April 15, 2019

It’s critical to plan where and how you’re going to try to get listeners to register.

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Impediments to Effective Contests: Part One

By Leigh Jacobs | April 8, 2019

Our best practice: keep the information you require for your contest entries at a minimum.

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Music Station Positioning in Today’s Political Climate

By Leigh Jacobs | April 1, 2019

While these ideas won’t take the place of describing what it is your station does for listeners, they can be powerful add-ons that connect with listeners and bring them together while setting your station apart from your competition.

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A Game Show at an Industry Event?!

By Jake Hofnagel | March 25, 2019

Attending WWRS this year? Come say hello!

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Contesting, Prizing & Radiothons

By Leigh Jacobs | March 18, 2019

In the search for ways to differentiate stations from Spotify and Pandora playlists, the local community service angle can be very potent.

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