Morning Radio in the New Abnormal

By Leigh Jacobs | September 18, 2020

There’s simply been nothing “normal” to discuss about much of anything since the middle of March. When we were asked to present at this year’s virtual Morning Show Boot Camp, which happens next week (9/23-24), our brains immediately went to trying to put some quantitative numbers behind the anecdotes that swarm around discussions of morning…

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The PPM Headphone Adjustment. Finally.

By Leigh Jacobs | September 8, 2020

We see the evidence that broadcast radio programming is having an impact in the digital domain. Getting credit for that listening on behalf of not only the station creating that programming, but also the wider broadcast radio industry is simply good business.

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Announcing NuVoodoo Consumer Insights

By Leigh Jacobs | August 31, 2020

Between piggybacking on our daily national interviews as shown here or doing custom projects in local markets, we can close information gaps for sales departments quickly.

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What Radio Sales Teams Need Is…

By Leigh Jacobs | August 24, 2020

It’s clear from the information we’ve gathered from both radio sales professionals and consumers that nothing is normal right now. Information gathered back in 2019 prior to the pandemic might as well have been gathered in 1919. The good news is that the research team at NuVoodoo has a lot of ways to help.

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NuVoodoo Research for Radio Sales

By Leigh Jacobs | August 17, 2020

Between piggybacking on our daily national interviews and doing quick custom projects in local markets, NuVoodoo has a lot of ways to help close the information gaps for sales.

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Writing Business in the New Abnormal

By Leigh Jacobs | August 10, 2020

About half our sample of radio sales pros predict that the overall economic recovery in the US and their markets is going to be slow. Perhaps not surprisingly, their outlook on business at their stations is a little brighter.

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Selling Radio in the New Abnormal

By Leigh Jacobs | August 3, 2020

Confronting the uncertainty of the days, weeks and months to come will be critical to radio’s survival. The pressure to deliver revenue is intense.

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Coronavirus & Radio Sales: Is “Normal” Any Closer?

By Leigh Jacobs | July 27, 2020

Listeners and businesses are going into the most unusual back-to-school phase ever. As tough as it is for radio programmers, it’s even tougher on the sales side.

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S-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g Promotional Budgets for Fall

By Leigh Jacobs | July 20, 2020

Knowing that budgets for contesting this fall will be stretched tight (or non-existent), we are focusing on ways to make the most of whatever resources you can bring to bear.

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Music Testing & Coronavirus

By Leigh Jacobs | July 13, 2020

Knowing that AMT’s are going to be hard to complete this year and that budgets are stretched tight, we’ve announced the addition of OMTlite to the suite of NuVoodoo research products.

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