Hook Clusters: A Love/Hate Relationship

By Leigh Jacobs | October 1, 2018

Many respondents are able to imagine a 30-second grouping of hooks as a radio format. The stations they’ve listened to form a framework to help them. So, format montages can be very effective.

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Group Contesting vs. Local Contesting: Answers

By Leigh Jacobs | September 24, 2018

When we fielded NuVoodoo Ratings Prospects Study XI back in January, we asked respondents which sounded better to them: a contest where the 25th local caller won $250 or a contest where the 25th nationwide caller won $1000.

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Podcast: All Access Interviews NuVoodoo President/CEO Carolyn Gilbert

By PJ Kling | September 20, 2018

Backstage at the 2018 Worldwide Radio Summit, Carolyn Gilbert of NuVoodoo Media Services talks about how radio research has evolved over time and what it means for the future of the industry.

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Got Radio?

By Leigh Jacobs | September 17, 2018

We know from our Ratings Prospects Studies that severe weather causes listeners to tune in and/or switch stations. And this hurricane season will again test the resourcefulness of citizens, emergency responders and broadcasters.

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Who Monitors Social Media Posts for Your Station?

By Leigh Jacobs | September 10, 2018

Who decides what gets posted at your station(s)? Who monitors which posts get good reactions and which don’t? Who from the station responds to the comments? Who critiques the posts and comments? It may not seem very important, but everything the station posts on Social Media is important content representing vital interactions with listeners.

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New Music Discovery: Good News/Bad News

By Leigh Jacobs | September 4, 2018

New technology has changed the new music playing field forever. But radio doesn’t have to go quietly into the night.

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Who Manages Content on Your Social Media Feeds?

By Leigh Jacobs | August 27, 2018

Just as the content on your airwaves needs to be carefully planned and executed with consistency, the content you publish in Social Media requires similar attention.

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Too Big to Ignore: Radio in the Bedroom

By Leigh Jacobs | August 20, 2018

Listeners need to be reminded that they can listen to your station on their Smart Speaker – and radio stations are uniquely positioned to describe for listeners exactly how to access the station on their device.

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Building Audience One Listener at a Time?

By Leigh Jacobs | August 13, 2018

Inciting tune-in one person at a time isn’t a remedy for goosing a particular monthly – it’s a long-term commitment.

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Music Station On-Air Talent: Bank Tellers of the Music Biz?

By Leigh Jacobs | August 6, 2018

If radio’s between-the-songs talent is great added value, we’d argue that talent has to be accessible and responsive.

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