Serving the Audience

By Leigh Jacobs | October 28, 2019

Over the years radio has spent a lot of time ridding stations of potential tune-outs, but far less time considering what could be potential tune-ins; in effect, new ways to serve listeners.

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If We Ask the Same Questions…

By Leigh Jacobs | October 21, 2019

Broadcast radio needs more reasons for consumers to connect more often and new reasons for consumers to fall in love with our brands all over again.

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Gerrymandering & Music Test Samples

By Leigh Jacobs | October 14, 2019

Music testing isn’t about getting high test scores. It’s about using the available science to artfully construct a playlist and manage music scheduling to use one programming stream to keep the widest-possible portion of listeners satisfied.

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Politics and Music Station Positioning

By Leigh Jacobs | October 7, 2019

Music radio listeners need a break from the relentless attention media outlets are giving to politics – and that will only become more so in the months ahead.

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Group vs. Local Contesting

By Leigh Jacobs | September 30, 2019

If you’re running a local contest, you should be using every possible tactic to reinforce that benefit.

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Smart Speakers: Coming to the Car

By Leigh Jacobs | September 23, 2019

Amplifying the urgency of aligning your station with Smart Speaker technology is news that Alexa is making her way into the car.

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Smart Speakers: Bedroom, Living Room and … Car?

By Leigh Jacobs | September 16, 2019

The opportunity to train loyal listeners to start their days listening to a radio morning show via Smart Speaker is tremendous.

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Are Smart Speakers Really THAT Important?

By Leigh Jacobs | September 9, 2019

Percentages are up for every category of things we’ve asked respondents about listening to via Smart Speakers. And now Smart Speaker technology is coming to the car.

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Who Thinks Radio Station Contests Are Rigged?

By Leigh Jacobs | September 3, 2019

We know that perceptions about contest legitimacy vary widely from our work conducting perceptual studies for client stations.

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What Are the Best Contest Mechanisms?

By Leigh Jacobs | August 26, 2019

If you’re going to play “The Name Game,” it’s wise to ask for no more information than you really need.

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