Your Station’s Look & Sound: The Need for Fresh Eyes & Ears

By Leigh Jacobs | January 28, 2019

At NuVoodoo, we believe that data-driven decisions are better decisions. We’re always glad to work to find ways to get actionable listener feedback on issues – including logos and audio production.

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Ratings Prospects Study XIII: Preview of Coming Attractions

By Leigh Jacobs | January 21, 2019

We’ve dived deep to gather new information to help stations program and promote effectively for 2019 and beyond.

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The Unsung Edge for Workday Listening

By Leigh Jacobs | January 14, 2019

While the workday talk profile on most music-driven stations has the on-air host pared back to minimal contributions, it’s important that those contributions be nearly perfect every time.

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By Leigh Jacobs | January 7, 2019

Fighting against Pandora, Spotify and other Internet pureplays is fighting against robots. Those high-tech services don’t have humans to impart the high-touch, human element to which many of us are drawn.

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Growing Contest Prizes = Growing Ratings?

By Leigh Jacobs | December 10, 2018

NuVoodoo’s Progressive Payday™ has moved the needle for Country, Classic Hits, AC, Hot AC and Urban AC by racking up quarter hours from workplace listening. A top-10-market AC client shifted from their traditional Name Game promotion to Progressive Payday™ and have seen game-changing growth.

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Why Did You Get Into Radio?

By Leigh Jacobs | December 3, 2018

Maybe you’re one of those folks who just wanted to avoid having a “real” job. So you’ve lived through the changes to the business, the technological changes and the Nielsen-based uncertainty of every moment of every day.

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A Bad Dancer Won “Dancing With the Stars?!”

By Leigh Jacobs | November 26, 2018

Radio’s biggest PR coup this year may be crowning a non-dancer the winner of a dancing competition.

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Got Emergency Plans?

By Leigh Jacobs | November 19, 2018

You won’t be able to anticipate everything that may happen. There will be unexpected aspects in any emergency. But, planning today will absolutely increase your readiness tomorrow.

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How Many People Have You Delighted Today?

By Leigh Jacobs | November 12, 2018

As you increase the depth of what you know about your listeners, your palette of attitudes and ideas to reflect becomes bigger and richer, meaning that you have more ways to touch more of your audience in a given day… increasing the likelihood that you can pleasantly surprise them every day.

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Are You Serving Your Local Community?

By Leigh Jacobs | November 5, 2018

Music radio can serve its communities by bringing people together – by unifying us – in our American right to vote.

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