Music Station Positioning in Today’s Political Climate

By Leigh Jacobs | April 1, 2019

While these ideas won’t take the place of describing what it is your station does for listeners, they can be powerful add-ons that connect with listeners and bring them together while setting your station apart from your competition.

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A Game Show at an Industry Event?!

By Jake Hofnagel | March 25, 2019

Attending WWRS this year? Come say hello!

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Contesting, Prizing & Radiothons

By Leigh Jacobs | March 18, 2019

In the search for ways to differentiate stations from Spotify and Pandora playlists, the local community service angle can be very potent.

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How’s Your Contest IQ?

By Leigh Jacobs | March 11, 2019

We asked, “Which of these sources would you expect to be good at helping you discover music you do not know, but fits your taste?”

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NuVoodoo Webinar 1: Last Chance – Smart Speakers and Smart Marketing

By Leigh Jacobs | March 4, 2019

Meanwhile, we’re putting in the finishing touches on the second webinar in our series, the NuVoodoo 2019 Contesting Guide. This webinar will also deliver fresh data from our most recent Ratings Prospects Study fielded in January. But this time, we’ll be drilling down on contest prizes, contest mechanisms, the information to ask for in contest entries and perceptions that radio station contests are fake.

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Boom: Tens of Millions of Quarter Hours on Echo Every Month

By Leigh Jacobs | February 25, 2019

Amazon’s VP of Music, Steve Boom, was on a panel at last week’s CRS, and said, “Tens of millions of hours of terrestrial radio is being listened to on Echo every month. We just brought radio into the home.”

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Problems Getting Smart Speakers to Play a Radio Station?

By Leigh Jacobs | February 18, 2019

A prime placement for Smart Speakers is turning out to be the bedroom. Because of the ubiquity of the clock radio, the bedroom was home turf for radio once upon a time. But clock radios are now about as common as rotary phones.

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First Look at Ratings Prospects Study XIII: Reserve Your Spot Today

By Leigh Jacobs | February 11, 2019

We’ve dived deep to gather new information to help stations program and promote effectively for 2019 and beyond.

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Groundhog Day: What Are YOU Doing Differently?

By Leigh Jacobs | February 4, 2019

uVoodoo has led the way in using properly-recruited online samples for media research. We’re working to find the next ways to make opinion-gathering more accurate and efficient, because some things never change.

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Your Station’s Look & Sound: The Need for Fresh Eyes & Ears

By Leigh Jacobs | January 28, 2019

At NuVoodoo, we believe that data-driven decisions are better decisions. We’re always glad to work to find ways to get actionable listener feedback on issues – including logos and audio production.

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