Listening Is Our Business

NuVoodoo's primary mission as a business has always been to listen to what diverse groups of people have to say and share it with key decision makers to aid in guiding their actions. It's simply who we are and what we do.

As a female-led business, NuVoodoo was built on a foundation of inclusiveness and a desire to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for our staff to grow, learn, and improve ourselves and our company as we work together each day.

It is critical that our staff and clients all feel heard, and that we use our capabilities and platforms to amplify those voices that have gotten lost.

Listening Must Drive Action

The past few years have been transformative for our company and for American Society as a whole.

As we’ve learned more about the challenges facing our fellow citizens our approach towards Diversity, Equity and Inclusion has evolved as well.

Active Listening

Not only hearing what the other person is saying, but working to understand their point of view(and working to understand before working to be understood)

Pay Attention

Show You Are Listening

Provide Feedback

Defer Judgement

Respond Appropriately

Here are some of the actions our company is taking now.



    We are fully committed to having a company that has true diversity in its experiences, backgrounds, and views. Our staff is predominantly female, and we make an effort with each new hire to further expand the wealth of different experiences and voices on our team.



    We are a company that thinks hard about what we do, how we do it, and who we work with. We actively seek out opportunities to support marginalized/underserved communities and organizations, and reserve the right to refuse partnership with organizations whose actions and policies negatively impact those communities that we aim to lift up.



    We have always stood willing to assist our communities and the people in them. Whether it's an online fundraiser during the pandemic or pro-bono research and marketing support for our communities, NuVoodoo is always proud to roll up our sleeves and walk the talk.



    We know that however well-intentioned we may be that we can't possibly know everything that needs to be done. As such, we have set a goal for ourselves to assemble a DEI Advisory Board to assist us in improving our plans, products, and policies.

    Once assembly is complete, this group will meet quarterly to discuss how to best use NuVoodoo's capabilities to assist and amplify marginalized communities via programs such as internships, pro bono work, vetting our vendors and potential clients, and advancing careers when we're hiring.