It’s win or go home. You’re eyeing an Election Day victory, and our research can help seal the deal.


What’s happening in your town? Your city? Your district? Your state? The nation? They’re all issues bringing registered voters to the polls or keeping them away. Our polls, surveys and other research will help you learn what’s making them tick:


  • Is it a down-ballot year, where the races at the top are likely to affect results at the bottom, or vice versa?
  • Is there a contentious issue that could swing independent voters?
  • How familiar is your candidate to particular demographics?
  • Is it time to topple a popular incumbent with loads of political clout?
  • Or would it be best if your experienced candidate remained in a position of leadership?


Because the old voodoo doesn't work anymore, NuVoodoo Media Services can help uncover the data you need to ethically grab the political edge. Here’s how:

Political Marketing Research

Develop the perfect campaign strategy with our political marketing research. Deliver your campaign platform to key demographics (or the masses in general) with ease.

Demographic Targeting

Reach the voters who need to hear your message. Our market research will locate your target audience so you can get to work fighting for them.  

Proprietary Studies

The results are ours, but they’re yours to keep. You don’t have to worry about the opponent knowing your methods or hawking other elements of your campaign strategy.

Voter Behavior

Our extensive research into voters’ digital, social and professional behavior will provide a window into their daily lives. Learn what it takes to have the best voter outreach.

Online Surveys

Rather than over-relying on lengthy phone interviews, get accurate results with online surveys. Respondents have the time and freedom to give sincere, open-ended opinions.

Sample Sizes

Size matters. You need a representative number of respondents to guarantee accurate data. State-of-the-art technology and sample acquisition mean cost efficiency and sample quality for you.

Compensated Surveys

Online respondents are paid for their participation. The financial incentive prompts more participation from your audience, and they’re more likely to be candid.

Follow-Up Campaign Direct Marketing

Put your research results to work with comprehensive NuVoodoo Direct Marketing Services. We're constantly researching the optimal mix of high-impact direct response channels, whether your objective is to raise money, raise awareness for your candidate or issue, attack the opposition or drive voter turnout. Our dedicated in-house team of channel-specific specialists offers Direct Mail, Live Phone Calls, Social Media Marketing and Programmatic Digital Display, Video or Audio advertising.