Ratings Prospect XX Webinar. It’s The Research Silver Bullet You Need to Slay the "Wearable" Wolf

The “wearable” wolf is coming, and we have the silver bullet you need to get in front of it. Reserve your spot for RPS XX at NuVoodoo.com/webinars.

NuVoodoo’s Ratings Prospect Study XX is our largest yet! Over 5,000 screened and compensated respondents, including one-thousand past, current and likely future panelists, participated in this, our 20h semi-annual radio listening study.

As an added bonus, we modeled our recruiting process in parallel to how a rating company places meters in a household, right down to the type of wearable people meter selected: pendant, clip, or wrist band. Then we asked dozens of questions about radio listening, digital behavior and other media habits. With Nielsen set to churn up to 75% of current panelists by year’s end in favor of new wearable meter households, we know how important it is to share study results with our partners in the radio industry as quickly as possible. You can register for this free presentation at nuvoodoo.com/webinars