Your Pre-Webinar Checklist: Programming to Listeners “Sheltering in Place”

Here at NuVoodoo, we’ve been digging through old studies and our recession playbook to help guide you through what will likely be unprecedented changes in the lives of your listeners. In our upcoming webinar, we’ll be addressing this and other data from our most recent Ratings Prospects Study. Based on our findings, here are some practical steps you can take right now to optimize how your station addresses the COVID-19 outbreak.
  • All media usage is up. Listeners crave information. Tweak your on-air content and organic digital touch-points to provide specific, actionable and local information. See our media usage tracking study about the impact of COVID-19.
  • At work-listening holds the single best potential for share increases of any targeting strategy we know. Many of your listeners remain on the job at home, where there may no longer be a traditional AM/FM radio. Now is the time to remind the audience of your other audio distribution channels: smart speakers, mobile apps and online stream.
  • Speaking of smart speakers, our research from late last summer showed that radio had a “skill” problem. Make sure that Alexa and Google respond correctly when listeners attempt to access your station stream. Be sure to show the audience how and where to access the appropriate skills.
  • Whenever we are pushing listeners to our streams, we need to be employing Total Line Reporting to Nielsen, or risk not getting credit in the ratings.
  • In our research studies at the tail end of the Great Recession, those who participated in the ratings were far more downscale from a household income standpoint compared to recent years. The Nielsen compensation mattered a lot, especially to large households and families with children in particular. The audience giving you your report card is hunkered down at home together. Use that filter when making content and promotional decisions.
  • Contest prizing during the Great Recession skewed toward the practical. Cash to help with bills and other expenses outdistanced experiential and so-called “splurge” prizes by a wide distance.
  • Many stations are pulling back their marketing for budget/financial reasons. Others are taking advantage of the vacuum left by competitors. We expect digital prices to be lower. With address-matching capabilities, you have the ability to limit ad exposure to only people living at specific addresses. Facebook and Instagram give advertisers the ability to target ONLY those who live in particular zip codes. With advanced targeting capabilities, such as NuVoodoo’s Discrete Neighborhood Analysis, you can spend on only a tiny fraction of the market and reach hundreds of likely ratings respondents.
We could write a dozen pages about what we know, but we’ll stop here and ask you to join us later today for our webinar for more from our recession playbook and COVID-19 media study. Head to to register.