CASE STUDY Harvey Ruvin


Victory from the Jaws of Defeat

In the 2020 elections the Republicans had almost a clean sweep in South Florida.  One of the few exceptions was Harvey Ruvin, a candidate who used NuVoodoo's digital marketing capabilities to their full potential.

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The challenge

Turn Poll Numbers into Results

For down ballot races the odds of inspiring the kind of passion and activisim associated with Congressional and Presidential races is difficult.

Marketing dollars are scarce, and keeping attention until election day is nearly impossible.

In 2020 those factors were dialed up to 11, and at the macro level things were going in the wrong direction, fast.

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The solution

Laser Focused Digital Marketing

We put forward a four-week, laser focused digital advertising effort, matching offline data to online activity, insuring that every dollar spent reached registered, likely voters in areas of the county most valuable to the race.

The Ruvin Campaign employed these NuVoodoo Services:

  • Data-Driven Strategy and Tactic Recommendations
  • Targeting/Retargeting Strategy Design
  • Campaign Creative Split Testing & Optimization
  • Weekly Campaign Targeting Tweaks & Budget Optimization
  • Bi-Weekly Metrics
  • Ongoing Best Practices Consultation
  • Content Creation including Copy & Design

The results

Harvey Ruvin Received 73% of All Votes Cast. (Yes, Really)

Only five out of 14 Democrats won their races in Miami-Dade, including Ruvin. In doing so, he beat his opponent by more than 46%, nearly seven points higher than the margin of victory for any other Democrat and far exceeding what the polling suggested.

The Ruvin Campaign reached voters who hadn't engaged in years and inspired those already on the registration rolls to take action on election day.

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