Here’s a concept:  In a world full of choices, how about we ask respondents about the people they care about most – THEM!  At a time that’s convenient for THEM!  In a place that’s comfortable for THEM!  That can help make them more amenable to helping YOU!

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Traditional telephone research (old voodoo) has gotten silly expensive and yields questionable results.  Declining participation from telephone respondents has forced prices for traditional research beyond the means of many radio stations.  Moreover, telephone samples completely miss consumers who don’t have conventional telephones, under-representing important segments of the population.  Vendors selling traditional research are asking stations to accept smaller samples, fewer reports and rolling together weeks of reporting to keep costs under control.  All of this compromises research integrity!

Services like Rate the Music are tempting for their near zero cost, but the results they yield are merely an online version of your old request line.  And you don’t have to give up inventory for that!  At best, those results steer your decisions by a fragment of your most active listeners who are inclined to give their opinions – and don’t represent the far larger segment of less active listeners – the listeners that can affect the ratings!  At worst, those results steer your decisions by infiltrators from your competitors or by self-interested parties from music promoters.

With stronger participation from consumers responding to your questions at a time that’s convenient to them with audio from their computer – and not through the phone – you get better information at a better price.

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