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Business Decisions

The B2B Landscape: Data-Driven Strategies for Successfully Reaching and Influencing Business Decision Makers (Part 1)

By Mike O'Connor

In today’s fast-paced, ever-evolving digital marketing arena, understanding the nuances of marketing as it applies to specific audiences is more crucial than ever. NuVoodoo’s first media study of 2024  sheds light on one vital segment of the market: likely business decision-makers and digital B2B marketing. Our research goes beyond data collection, focusing on actionable insights…

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Moneyball: Fishing Where the Fish Are, Sort Of …

By Leigh Jacobs

We’re digging through the data collected from over 3,200 14-54s nationwide in our latest NuVoodoo Ratings Prospects Study as we prepare to give clients first looks at the complete data before we release it more widely. It’s our way of giving back to a business we love and a future we’re very much invested in…

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Closeup of hand tracking location on the map

Unlocking the Power of Place: How Geo-Targeting Elevates Event Sponsorships and Brand Engagement

By Roger Malinowski

In the vast expanse of digital marketing, finding ways to connect directly and effectively with your audience is key. Geo-targeting, a technology that uses geographical locations to deliver content, is revolutionizing how event sponsors and brands engage with their target demographics. In this dive into geo-targeting, we’ll explore how it’s changing the game for event…

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Online Email Scam concept computer keyboard with SCAM email icon symbol about to be opened, no logos

Ready or Not, Here Come New Email Marketing Regulations

By Krystin McKee

If email is part of your marketing strategy, you have likely heard that Google and Yahoo are implementing new sender requirements in February 2024. With spam rates reaching new highs, these privacy rules are meant to keep unsafe and unwanted emails from cluttering consumer’s inboxes. To avoid deliverability issues and keep your emails from landing…

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Sales chart inside shopping trolley

How NuVoodoo Played a Pivotal Role in Achieving an Outstanding 500%+ Return on Ad Spend for a National Consumer Brand

By Jake Hofnagel

“We just heard from our manufacturing partner and they begged us to pause our holiday shopping campaign.  They simply couldn’t keep up with demand…”    We pride ourselves in our unique ability to combine market research capabilities with our digital advertising expertise to produce outsized results for our partners. During the critical holiday sales cycle,…

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