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What If You Could Afford a Perceptual Study & An OMT?

By Leigh Jacobs

“It is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail,” said Abraham Maslow (better remembered for his “hierarchy of needs”). We’re seeing more music tests going into the field with swollen sets of question groups as programmers try to use a music test to…

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Online shopping

In the kNOW: Shopping of the Future is NOW!

By Jeri Fields

The pandemic brought about many changes, the least of which was the necessity to find a new way to buy the things we need. And many turned to a place we’d never gone before, online. How was the online shopping experience for items we usually bought on our weekly trips to the grocery or Big…

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Track Me…Track Me Not

By Erin Gabbard & PJ Kling

What’s this? Companies may actually start taking the privacy of its users seriously? Not exactly, but it’s a start. What you’ve seen in the news is true. In late April, Apple introduced an update to iOS that will allow you to prevent apps from tracking your behavior and selling your personal data. Called App Tracking…

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DIY and new technologies

Solutions for Marketing to an Increasingly Ad Tracking-Adverse Consumer

By Mike O'Connor

Even though consumers have started opting out of ad-tracking, there are new solutions that improve targeting accuracy like never before. NuVoodoo VP of Product Development Mike O’Connor speaks with Tim Johnston, head of the sales team at one of our leading ad technology providers about Semantic Targeting in this short 15 minute mini-webinar. We’re such…

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Amazon Music Adds “DJ Mode”

By Leigh Jacobs

Just a week ago I was citing our research confirming listener preference for “live DJ’s” (compared to “canned announcements”) and saying those results “underscore the notion that radio must be more than a playlist.” Later in the week Amazon announced that its #3 music streaming service, Amazon Music, is adding “DJ Mode” – presumably in…

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