Moneyball: A New Tool for Audio Content


The spring book is underway in Nielsen markets. Even if you’re among the lucky ones who were able to get a music test completed earlier this year and have your marketing plans underway, you may still have concerns about your morning show or other key talent taking the coaching notes you’ve been giving them steadily. Research may be able to help you with that.

For years NuVoodoo has been executing content studies to help clients with talent, promos, and other imaging using an online version of the rheostat tests that used to be conducted in hotel meeting rooms and focus group facilities. In those settings, respondents were given handheld devices with a knob they could turn up or down to register their feelings about what they were hearing. These days respondents use a virtual slider on their smartphone screen or computer screen.

The data is so clear cut, the results can be so useful in talent coaching and making decisions about station imaging that we decided it was time to make these studies more widely available. We’re calling it “The NuVoodoo Media Pulse Predictor.” A sample tracing of an actual morning show bit that ran just over a minute long is shown below. You can see the lines for this total sample of adults, along with blue lines for the men and red lines for the women. But the real magic is watching the lines trace out on the screen while listening to the audio. You see what connected more quickly for the women – and eventually drew in the men. You see where they react with pleasure or disinterest.

It’s an eye opener for talent and almost always supports the efforts programmers and consultants have been making. It helps answer the question of whether your morning show has a pulse. It can help tune up the choices your imaging folks are making in presenting the pieces you’re relying on to sell your station to listeners. As one client put it, “It’ll make you better.”

We’re selling Media Pulse Predictor studies with 100 screened respondents and up to ten segments as long as two minutes and thirty seconds (2:30) for $4800. We should probably be charging more, but we think this is a tool the radio business needs to be using more often. Need a bigger sample? Longer audio segments? Hit up me ( or Carolyn ( and we’ll tailor something that fits your exact needs.

As mentioned above, the book is underway, but it’s the February monthlies that are just rolling out. If a bad surprise causes you to rethink your spring book readiness, the NuVoodoo research, marketing, and digital teams are at the ready. Efficiently targeted digital marketing campaigns can be spun up in just over a week. Many library music tests can be turned around in less than 4 weeks. A profitable station merch store can be added to your website very quickly. An email to will get you the help you need.