Carolyn Gilbert

President/Owner/Supreme High Priestess

With a tiny but mighty staff, Carolyn is excited to serve broadcasting companies under the independent umbrella of NuVoodoo Media Services. We are committed to performing with integrity, and to our client’s success.


Mike O’Connor

EVP Marketing

Works with research and operations teams to develop and implement creative, custom solutions that keep you ahead of competitor capabilities with a relentless focus on your campaign KPIs.


Leigh Jacobs

EVP Research Analysis

Works with programmers and managers to gain consumer insights to generate ratings for broadcasters. Continually strives to increase NuVoodoo’s knowledge of holy-grail consumers: likely ratings participants.


Lisa Cobert

EVP Research Operations

Lisa has worked creating and analyzing research data for over 15 years, and has a commitment to excellence, precision and efficiency. We think she’s the best systems manager in the industry. Which is why she’s at NuVoodoo!

Eric Cohen PHOTO

Eric Cohen

EVP Finance

Eric is the glue and is all knowing.  From our New York City office, Eric deals with all phases of business operations.  He keeps us legal, counts the beans and makes sure we pay stuff on time.  And does it all with a smile.


Erin Gabbard

VP Systems & Operations

Works with the sales and project management teams to execute your campaigns in a timely and reliable fashion.

PJ 09/2017

PJ Kling

VP Product & Business Development

Always looking for new and better ways to serve our clients. Ready to see what our capabilities are? He’s your huckleberry.


Amrita Mangat

VP Data Management & Administration

Works with the research team to ensure that our superb online data collection engine provides you with the first-rate research our clients require. Her job is to super-serve and make sure the department delivers top-notch data every day.


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