Consumer Insights

Things are changing fast.
Current research is imperative in turbulent times.

More People

More People

We've passed the tipping point: we now have access to a far greater portion of the population online than on the phone.

Better Sample

Better Sample

Instead of the “free,” opt-in (and corruptible) online sample approach, NuVoodoo uses ID verified online research panel sample gathered nationally and worldwide for large-scale consumer research.

Better Sources

Better Sources

We work with nearly 100 different online panel sample sources. These are the sources used for consumer research, like healthcare, pharma, consumer packaged goods, telecommunications, etc.

Complete Coverage

Complete Coverage

We ensure that we use sample providers who recruit portions of their respondent pools by starting from landline telephone – to make sure their voices are heard.

Big Positives

Big Positives

Online respondents are compensated for their opinions – we think that’s critical.  If we don’t take it seriously enough to pay for valuable opinions, why should respondents?

  • Related to today's sales environment

  • Substantial samples

  • Flexible subjects

  • Delivered daily, weekly or monthly

  • Responsive to the customer's needs

Qualitative research now

Sales research that responds to what's happening TODAY.

In a sales environment that's changing every day.

Things are changing fast

Current research is imperative in turbulent times

Listeners are still tuning in

Real time data reinforces media's value to advertisers

Consumer perceptions & interests

Which types of ads and advertisers will make the best impressions?

What types of purchases and activities are most interesting to your audience?

If you play it, they will commit to it

Radio listeners are more engaged with the ads they see and hear.

Establish consumer commitment with key advertisers.

Data can be customized nationally, regionally, or locally.

Custom current research

Ask ANY question to ANY respondent set.

Significant same size and fast turnaround time.

Provides actionable data.

In addition to age, geography, and gender, some of our research categories include...

  • Automotive

  • Current Events

  • Digital

  • Sports

  • Finance

  • Grocery

  • Health

  • Travel

  • Lifestyle

  • Media

  • Mobile

  • Politics

  • Property

  • Retail