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We have fresh data to share with you! This is NuVoodoo's 13th Ratings Prospects Study, conducted in January 2019 with over 3,000 respondents -- including likely panelists and diary keepers. Part one of our two-part series covers a lot of ground in just 30 minutes, including:

• Smart speaker trends. Was the holiday season another good one for Alexa and Google Home?
• Advertising channels that likely ratings prospects pay attention to and marketing messages that have prompted them to listen more.
• How digital ads, phone calls or mail from a station impact likely ratings respondents’ listening.
• Which social media platforms are used most by panelists and diary keepers, and how often? What are the differences by demo and format partisanship? Has social media developed trust issues with radio listeners in light of all the negative publicity?

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Learn how our data driven approach to marketing can help you reach and influence likely panelists and diary keepers.

Why NuVoodoo's Progressive Payday(TM) Delivers Consistent Ratings Results

Get the rundown on NuVoodoo's Progressive Payday(TM) - available on a market exclusive basis. Our Marketing EVP Mike O’Connor and Research EVP Leigh Jacobs review our most consistently successful, fast-impact marketing concept for radio and show how it's moved the needle from Country, Classic Hits, AC, Hot AC and Urban AC by racking up quarter hours from workplace listening.

Weaponize The Weather Forecast - Automated Severe Weather Branding Tied To NOAA Data

The NuVoodoo team has added some predictive AI to our ad tech stack that allows us to execute dynamic digital campaigns tied to what’s in the forecast. In recent research, severe weather ranks near the top of our list of listening catalysts for Spoken Word radio. It’s station imaging for where the diaries fall or where the meters are and only when it’s relevant. Our Marketing EVP Mike O’Connor presents a quick tutorial  to give you an overview. Available on a market-exclusive basis.

In part two of our Fall webinar series, we'll present more data from Ratings Prospects Study XII conducted this summer. Once again, the focus is on those radio listeners most likely to accept a meter or diary. Topics for this session include national vs. local contesting, how to make your national contest bulletproof, how to exploit national contest baggage and make it work in your station's favor, best contest appointment times, and so much more!
In part 1 of our 2 part Fall webinar series, we dive into new research from our Ratings Prospects Study XII. Conducted in June of 2018, this study covers why some listeners agree to participate in panel or diary based Nielsen methodology, updated study results about streaming and smart speakers, what marketing channels you should emphasize when promoting your station to likely panelists and diary keepers, and a lot more!
In case you weren't be able to attend the Worldwide Radio Summit in L.A, we brought the presentation of 15 Things (In 15 Minutes) You Can Do To Boost Ratings right to your computer, tablet or smartphone.

NuVoodoo's 2018 Social/Digital Playbook for Ratings Success

What game-changing opportunities do smart speakers like Amazon Echo and Google Home bring to the radio industry? What digital channels do likely ratings respondents use most and most often? Find all that and more inside.

How to Win the Workplace War With PPM Panelists & Diary Keepers

In this webinar, we covered everything from Radio’s true competition at work (HINT: it's not other radio stations), to the contest tactics and prizes that move the needle.