NuVodooo's Webinar Series

Top 10 Things We Learned or Confirmed About Radio Listeners & Ratings Respondents in 2021. #8

November 23, 2021

At NuVoodoo, all our marketing plans and programming recommendations are informed by our own internal research. We solicit the opinions of thousands of radio listeners in two massive Rating Prospects studies each year. We’re especially interested in feedback from those likely to participate in the ratings as a panelist or diary keeper. We’re counting down…

Top 10 Things We Learned or Confirmed About Radio Listeners & Ratings Respondents in 2021. #10

November 20, 2021

#10 – Those who participate in the ratings are a small fraction of the total listenership.

NuVoodoo Adds Digital Out-Of-Home Specialist (Digital Billboards, Transit Shelters, etc.) to Team!

November 1, 2021

NuVoodoo welcomes new team member, and out-of-home (OOH) specialist, Andrea Parikh to its marketing team. Yup, we’re talking about digital billboards, digital transit shelters and other digital signs which can be purchased programmatically – just like how we manage any traditional digital campaigns for radio stations. With work-from-home transitioning to work-out-of-home (OOH), NuVoodoo is introducing…

Facebook Distrust Levels Increase After Whistleblower. But Are Listeners Using It Less?

October 30, 2021

With a Facebook whistleblower making waves on 60 Minutes recently, not to mention the intensely negative news cycle that followed, we wanted to see how is Facebook’s overall usage and trust are holding up in the wake of its recent problems. So we fielded a NuVoodoo Quick-Turn Study to get answers fast. Watch.

Top 5 Reason Listeners Say Yes to Nielsen & Become Radio Ratings Participants

October 20, 2021

NuVoodoo builds digital products and executes research and marketing programs for radio stations and other media. How can we help you?

The Top Five Digital Platforms Radio Stations Should Use To Find and Influence Ratings Participants

October 15, 2021

Only a small percentage of listeners agree to participate in the radio ratings. It’s about one in seven who even fit the profile of a “Ratings Likely,” based on results from a decade’s worth of NuVoodoo semi-annual Ratings Prospect Studies. According to our latest 2021 RPS data, here are the TOP FIVE social/digital platforms these…

NuVoodoo Quick-Turn Study: iOS Users More Likely to Opt-In to App Tracking Despite New Apple Tech

October 10, 2021

We were more than a little concerned that Apple’s recent, aggressive move in the direction of increased consumer privacy might significantly impact location-based targeting as a strategy. But as you are about to learn in this video, our concerns about a mass exodus from app location tracking may have been overblown. This latest NuVoodoo Quick…

Digital Video Compulsives – Radio’s New Secret Weapon

October 4, 2021

Since the pandemic began, we’ve noticed a huge shift in the amount of video being consumed on TV screens and long-form video consumed other devices such as smartphones and tablets. And we’ve seen huge upside for radio client campaigns during the stay-at-home/work-from-home era.