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Moneyball: Rarer Ratings Respondents, Rarer Heavy Listeners

By Leigh Jacobs / June 24, 2024

Last week the first release from NuVoodoo Ratings Prospects Study 24 showed a decline in those interested in participating in radio ratings methodology from 17% earlier this year (and 20% or more in years past) to 15%. With ratings providers working harder to get cooperation, you can bet that samples will be leaner and weighting…

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Moneyball: Ratings Respondents are Getting Rarer

By Leigh Jacobs / June 17, 2024

The percentage interested in participating in radio ratings methodology continues to ebb. In the latest national study from NuVoodoo, Ratings Prospects Study 24, the percentage who model through as likely to participate in metered or diary methodologies drops from 17% in January of this year to 15% in the latest study. Ratings Prospects Study 24…

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Moneyball: Getting Preset in New Car Infotainment Systems

By Leigh Jacobs / June 10, 2024

Have you spent time with non-radio friends while they’re getting accustomed to their new car infotainment systems? If radio directly impacts your income, you quickly jump over the minor hurdles that vehicle manufacturers place in your way and program the presets needed to do your job or stay in touch with the medium. You may…

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Moneyball: Past Research Has Answers for Evergreen Questions

By Leigh Jacobs / June 3, 2024

Preparing the questionnaire for NuVoodoo Ratings Prospects Study 24 this past week had us talking to programmers, managers, and group heads to hear what new questions they’d like us to ask listeners. We also put out the request for ideas in this space and thanks to many of you we’ve gotten some truly great ideas.…

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Moneyball: What Would You Ask a Big Sample of Radio Listeners?

By Leigh Jacobs / May 28, 2024

“Do what you can, with what you’ve got, where you are.” Those words are typically attributed to Teddy Roosevelt, though Roosevelt himself credits it to Bill Widener. Nevertheless, those should be inspiring words if you’re running a radio station or a cluster of stations in a market today. You’re likely running those stations with fewer…

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Moneyball: Are You Leaving Money on the Table?

By Leigh Jacobs / May 20, 2024

NTR. Events. Concerts. Pop-ups. In 2024 radio is working hard for every dollar to try to offset the declines in spot revenue. For the right brand, station merchandise has tremendous upside when fans want to wear designs from favorite stations, beloved morning shows, revered hosts. Back in the day, stations gave away lots of merch…

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Moneyball: Last-Minute Contest Guidelines

By Leigh Jacobs / May 13, 2024

If you’re considering a contest to impact the last month of the spring book, you’re likely working with a smaller budget than you may have in the past. To help get the biggest contest bang for the smallest outlay, we’re highlighting data on contesting from our last several NuVoodoo Ratings Prospects studies. Interest in $500…

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Moneyball: The Importance of Making Connections

By Leigh Jacobs / May 6, 2024

Many years ago, in an introductory college course on broadcast radio the professor laid out that the goal of commercial radio isn’t to build a large audience, the goal is to sell advertising. As the advertising landscape shifts toward highly targeted digital solutions, stations are turning to other revenue streams like events. It’s a natural…

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Moneyball: Live vs Local vs Relevant

By Leigh Jacobs / April 29, 2024

In the TV era, radio’s distinction was that it’s live and local, right? Though, even in the heyday of the DJ era, most of the “local” programming consisted of pre-recorded music. But radio gave more time to its on-air talent (especially in the days before PPM) and that allowed some greater amount of “local” content.…

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Moneyball: A New Tool to Make Better Radio

By Leigh Jacobs / April 22, 2024

We’re showing off programming and marketing micro-tactics from NuVoodoo Ratings Prospects Study 23 in a second season of Moneyball for Radio. You can find new videos every Thursday at We’re focusing on the incremental things you can do that can add up to the additional tenth of a rating point that is the goal…

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