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Wearables & Contest Prizes: RPS 20 Preview

By Leigh Jacobs / July 5, 2022

Nielsen says it’s turning over as many as 75% of the legacy PPM meters by year’s end and replacing them with their new wearable meters. So, NuVoodoo upped the sample on its summer RPS (Ratings Prospects Study) from our typical sample of over 3,000 respondents to a massive sample of nearly fifty-five hundred. We did…

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The Wearable Wolf is Coming! RPS 20 Preview

By Leigh Jacobs / June 27, 2022

With Nielsen set to replace as much as 75% of the PPM panel with new wearable meters by year’s end (and the remainder changing over in 2023), NuVoodoo went BIG on the sample for RPS (Ratings Prospects Study) 20 just out of the field. We wanted to make sure we’d have enough respondents to dive…

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Making the Most of Music Test Screens

By Leigh Jacobs / June 20, 2022

We’ve gotten nice feedback on last week’s CRS 360 session, “If the Song Fits, Play It.” Carolyn Gilbert and I presented findings of a fresh set of data concerning whether or not a sample of Country music fans felt that each of thirty-five titles selected by CRS leadership belonged “on a Country radio station or…

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Does Your Music Pass the Fitness Test – a New CRS360 Session

By Leigh Jacobs / June 13, 2022

The old music PD adage “what you don’t play won’t hurt you” gets in the way when programmers are trying to expand their cume, follow what listeners are being exposed to in social media, increase variety, etc. This can be especially true in Country radio, where lifelong Country fans can sometimes be resistant to new…

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NuVoodoo’s Top Five Contest Takeaways to Help Your Planning Process

By Leigh Jacobs / June 6, 2022

At NuVoodoo we’ve compiled a countdown of the five most important contest takeaways for the new PPM wearables era. #5. The people most likely to participate in the ratings are the ones most likely to play radio contests. In the results below from NuVoodoo Ratings Prospects Study 19, fielded in Q1 2022, the number one…

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Where It’s At: Out of Home

By Leigh Jacobs / May 31, 2022

With Nielsen set to replace up to 75% of the PPM panel with new wearable meters by the end of 2022, PPM market stations need to take into consideration the coming shift in PPM panelist psychographics. The new program includes a companion smartphone app to retrieve listening data from the wearables and transmit it back…

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$1000 Is the New $500: Contest Inflation

By Leigh Jacobs / May 23, 2022

Nielsen’s plan is to replace up to 75% of the PPM panel with the new wearable meters by the end of 2022, with the rest changing in 2023. The new meters use a companion smartphone app to retrieve listening data from the wearable meter and transmit it to the mothership (though an in-home device serves…

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PPM Wearables: The Importance & Pitfalls of Contests

By Leigh Jacobs / May 16, 2022

With Nielsen planning to convert 50-75% of the PPM panel to the new PPM Wearables by the end of 2022 (and with the balance changing in 2023), it’s time for radio to prepare for the changes ahead. I’ll go back to what NuVoodoo marketing guru PJ Kling said of the coming changes, “Let’s get in…

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PPM Wearables: Let’s Get in Front of It

By Leigh Jacobs / May 9, 2022

Nielsen says, “Approximately 50-75% of the panel is expected to convert to PPM Wearables by year-end 2022 with the balance coming in 2023.” While that’s a BIG change in measurement, they’ve done their homework making careful observations of in-tab rate, carry time, undock and docking times for the new wearables. Their data shows all of…

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Programming No Longer a Zero-Sum Game

By Leigh Jacobs / May 2, 2022

It’s time to rethink station music test samples – and it’s time to rethink programming strategy. If you’ve been paying attention to the research we’ve released at NuVoodoo (or that which nearly all of our competitors have released) so far this year, it’s apparent that broadcast radio is facing deeper challenges than ever before in…

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