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Close-up of hands holding syringe and covid vaccine vial on white background with omicron variant

Oh My, Oh My (The Omicron Variant)

By Leigh Jacobs / December 6, 2021

We thought the Covid update data we’d written about just before Thanksgiving would be our last NuVoodoo Quick-Turn Study for 2021, but we changed our minds when news of the Omicron variant broke over Thanksgiving weekend. To get an initial read on reactions to the discovery of this highly-mutated new variant, we let the initial…

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Doctor taking nasal swab from person to test for possible covid-19 infection

Covid Worries: Are the Unvaccinated Concerned?

By Leigh Jacobs / November 29, 2021

Last week we showed data from the latest NuVoodoo Quick-Turn Study about Covid vaccination levels, the activities people are ready to resume as we enter the holiday season and their attitudes about masks and vaccination requirements. This study of 2,105 Adults 18+ nationwide from a little earlier this month showed considerable anticipation of lifestyle activities…

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Santa Claus after vaccination

Pre-Holiday Covid Update & a New RPS Study Coming

By Leigh Jacobs / November 22, 2021

As radio looks at relating to audiences across the Thanksgiving holiday and the Christmas shopping season beyond, a brand-new NuVoodoo Quick-Turn Study of 2,105 Adults 18+ nationwide shows lots of Covid booster doses already in arms and considerable anticipation of lifestyle activities. These new data were collected November 12-16 and show 75% at least partially-vaccinated,…

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Happy couple having fun together on Christmas shopping. Holiday present people happiness concept

Holiday Shopping and Spending Predictions

By Leigh Jacobs / November 15, 2021

Last week we shared results from a NuVoodoo Quick-Turn Study fielded at the end of last month. The data from this study of 1,855 Adults 18-64 nationwide shows strong anticipation of the upcoming vaccinated holidays, with a 44% plurality saying they’re looking forward to the holidays more this year than last year. With many vaccinated…

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Santa dog

Christmas Music NOW?

By Leigh Jacobs / November 8, 2021

A fresh NuVoodoo Quick-Turn Study fielded just a few days before Halloween gives us indicators of what should be an early season for Christmas music. As you’re reading this, we’re already aware of stations that have flipped the Santa switch. To benefit programmers who may not be able to afford a custom study to help…

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Driving in traffic jam

NuVoodoo Adds New Out-of-Home Marketing Programs

By Leigh Jacobs / November 1, 2021

A brand-new NuVoodoo Quick-Turn Study fielded in the past few days supports the observation we made last week that people feel there’s more traffic on the road now than there was this summer. A fresh sample of 1,855 adults 18-64 nationwide tells the tale: about 40% perceive the traffic in their area has picked up…

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Unrecognizable black man driver turning on radio in auto

More Cars on the Road = More Radio Listening?

By Leigh Jacobs / October 25, 2021

You probably saw the data from Nielsen last week indicating that commuting to work is getting closer to pre-pandemic levels. We’re hearing about companies that paused back-to-workplace plans to deal with the Delta variant now moving forward with employees coming back to the office. In short, the workday commute in a number of markets is…

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Technician damaging a computer with a screwdriver

How Badly Damaged is Facebook?

By Leigh Jacobs / October 18, 2021

Last week we noted that Facebook’s whistleblower testimony and recent service outage might have an impact on trust for that platform and co-owned Instagram, so we were going back in the field with another NuVoodoo Quick-Turn Study. The question we needed wanted to answer for our clients was whether or not they should to avoid…

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pretty young woman walking on the street using smartphone

Location-Based Marketing: Still on the Menu? Part II

By Leigh Jacobs / October 11, 2021

Last week we showed results from a NuVoodoo Quick-Turn Study fielded September 17-19 including the opinions of 1,966 adults 18-64 nationwide, balanced by age, gender and geography. The study was prompted by Apple’s moves to increase consumer privacy and our concern this might significantly hurt our ability to use location-based targeting as a strategy for…

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Shopper with smartphone

Location-Based Marketing: Still on the Menu? Part I

By Leigh Jacobs / October 4, 2021

The NuVoodoo marketing team was more than a little concerned that Apple’s aggressive moves to increase consumer privacy might significantly hurt our ability to use location-based targeting as a strategy for our clients. So, we conducted a NuVoodoo Quick-Turn Study. This one includes 1,966 adults 18-64 nationwide, balanced by age, gender and geography, fielded September…

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