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Moneyball & Rolled Samples

By Leigh Jacobs / September 18, 2023

Moneyball for Radio means using everything at your disposal to tilt the table in your favor in pursuit of that next tenth of a ratings point. And that includes being judicious with your research and marketing budgets – for 2024 you’ll need to maximize every dollar. When talking to new research clients we regularly hear…

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Moneyball & Listening Devices

By Leigh Jacobs / September 11, 2023

Moneyball for Radio means working to find that next tenth of an AQH Ratings point to bring your station to the next level for your sales team. It means using everything at your disposal to tilt the table in your favor in pursuit of that next tenth. Our latest NuVoodoo Ratings Prospects Study was fielded…

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Stop Looking at Share

By Leigh Jacobs / September 4, 2023

Conversations at radio conventions are peppered with memories of insurgent stations eclipsing incumbents. You never hear about the actual Rating for the station, it’s always AQH Share. AQH Share, where the denominator is the total AQH listening being done in a daypart and/or in a demo. In AQH Rating the denominator is the population in…

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How Data Privacy Concerns Impact Station Promotion

By Leigh Jacobs / July 31, 2023

We’re meeting with NuVoodoo clients (and could-be clients) to show results from our 22nd Ratings Prospects Study that finished fielding earlier in July. If we’ve missed your company (or our email invitation got caught in a spam folder) for a preview session, please ping us with an email to and we’ll get you scheduled…

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How Threads is Changing the Social Media Landscape

By Leigh Jacobs / July 24, 2023

This week we’re meeting with NuVoodoo clients to show results from our 22nd Ratings Prospects Study that finished fielding earlier this month. This new study includes opinions from 2,504 respondents 14-54 nationwide – but there was a problem. The problem wasn’t something we did wrong, it was that Meta launched their new social media platform,…

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So Long, Farewell, All Access

By Leigh Jacobs / July 17, 2023

For many years, we (meaning almost entirely Leigh Jacobs) have met a weekly deadline to supply a column that All Access published. We hope what we’ve written has helped the radio industry in some way. As this week’s deadline approaches, there is no way we can do what we’d intended and talk about data-driven decisions,…

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You’re Hosting a Party on September 14!

By Leigh Jacobs / July 10, 2023

You’re throwing a party about nine weeks from now on September 14. Parties on Thursdays are unusual, so hopefully people will take notice. If you program or manage a radio station in the US, September 14 starts the Fall book for both PPM and Diary markets. With nine weeks to prepare, lots of things are…

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It’s Q3: Fall Book Prep Season Begins

By Leigh Jacobs / July 3, 2023

The fall book starts September 14 – about ten weeks from now. With station budgets tighter than ever and an uncertain outlook for the fall, managers are challenging programmers to make dollars go further and programmers are looking for any resources they can find. Nationwide music research is far less expensive than conducting custom music…

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Even More Questions: And Even More Answers

By Leigh Jacobs / June 26, 2023

As we’ve been working on NuVoodoo Ratings Prospects Study 22, we realized that after 21 studies we’re able to answer at least some of the questions that have come up from our contacts in the radio business. The first of a series of NuVoodoo Live events where we try to answer some of these questions…

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Lots of Questions: And We’ve Got Answers for Some Already

By Leigh Jacobs / June 19, 2023

Preparing the questionnaire for NuVoodoo Ratings Prospects Study 22 this past week had us talking to programmers, managers, and group heads to hear what new questions they’d like us to ask listeners. We also put out the request for ideas in this space and thanks to many of you we’ve gotten some truly great ideas.…

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