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Irritated man plugs ears with both hands, ignores bad sound, wears yellow hat and t shirt, stands in

What Turns Off As Many Listeners As Commercials?

By Leigh Jacobs / January 9, 2023

As we’re getting ready to field NuVoodoo Ratings Prospects Study 21, we’re reminded of a finding from the last study showing that bad songs can cause as many tuneouts as commercials. We saw this both among the total sample and the smaller subset who would be the ones most likely to show up in a…

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A Remarkable Hotel Closet?

By Leigh Jacobs / January 3, 2023

The last trip of 2022 took us to Hollywood for a client’s year-end meetings. Through years of business travel, we’ve run the gamut from great hotels to dumps, but never in those years has a hotel room closet been remarkable. Until now. The picture probably doesn’t do the experience justice, but upon opening the closet…

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flip 2022 to 2023 block.

Last Words on 2022 From Carolyn Gilbert

By Leigh Jacobs / December 12, 2022

“It doesn’t get any better than this.” When I began the eulogy for my dad with those words eight years ago, when he was 95, I could feel my cousins cringe. WHAT IS SHE GOING TO SAY NOW? As it turned out, while I didn’t create a fantasy father for the funeral, the theme of…

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Radio’s Got Talent!

By Leigh Jacobs / December 5, 2022

Our NuVoodoo countdown of the nine most important things we learned about podcasting in 2022 continues. Finding #7 this week shows that among the large number of people looking for podcasts in different topic areas – many say they’re still looking for a podcast that truly satisfies them. You can watch the video here. Meanwhile,…

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Podcast Promotion (Another Advantage for Radio)

By Leigh Jacobs / November 28, 2022

For the rest of 2022 and into the new year, NuVoodoo is releasing videos counting down the most important things we learned about podcasting in 2022. The countdown pairs up qualitative video interviews with podcast listeners and deep quantitative data from our podcast study this summer with nearly 1,700 regular podcast listeners nationwide. The combination…

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Big Advantages for Radio in the Podcast Space

By Leigh Jacobs / November 21, 2022

NuVoodoo is releasing a series of videos counting down the top nine things we learned about podcasting in 2022. The videos do a great job pairing up the videos captured in our qualitative sessions with podcast listeners and the quantitative data from our podcast study this summer with nearly 1,700 regular podcast listeners nationwide. You…

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Christmas Shopping Online

Holiday Shopping Outlook Depends Where You Live

By Leigh Jacobs / November 14, 2022

A fresh NuVoodoo QuickTurn Study fielded this month gives us fresh indicators concerning the holiday season. This new study includes 1,889 Adults 18-64 nationwide and shows strong anticipation of the upcoming vaccinated holidays. Admittedly, that holiday anticipation is down a bit from what we saw in 2021 (when the “last year” was the pre-vaccination 2020…

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Santa Claus on the phone

Christmas Music NOW?

By Leigh Jacobs / November 7, 2022

A fresh NuVoodoo QuickTurn Study fielded just a few days after Halloween gives us indicators of what could be an early season for Christmas music. As you’re reading this, many stations have already flipped the Santa switch. To benefit programmers who can’t afford a custom study to help them make their Christmas programming choices, we…

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New Country vs Catalog Country: Which Wins in a Faceoff?

By Leigh Jacobs / October 31, 2022

Given a choice between two Country songs – one newer, one older – which would Country fans choose? And what does that say about the vintage of playlists on Country radio? That’s the mission we undertook for last week’s CRS360 webinar for the folks at Country Radio Seminar. ICYMI, you can watch the SONG WARS…

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Free Research Results

By Leigh Jacobs / October 24, 2022

Last week we had the privilege of showing additional data from the podcast studies we did at NuVoodoo during the summer. We were at the Podcast Futures conference within the NAB Show New York. Compared to the content-creator focus of what we’d shown at Podcast Movement in August, our New York presentation went focused on…

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