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NuVoodoo’s B2B Marketing Playbook Part 3: Why Capturing a Prospect’s Email Address Is the Holy Grail for Digital Advertising Success

By Mike O'Connor / February 26, 2024

In our previous article, we reviewed evidence from NuVoodoo’s 2024 media study that showed Business decision-maker’s strong inclination to share email contact information when offered access to valuable information, such as industry-specific white papers, webinars, and newsletters. This Free Sample of Smartness strategy and approach is a well-known driver of B2B relationships at the top…

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New 2024 Data: B2B Marketing Incentives That Persuade Business Decision-Makers To Share Their Contact Information

By Mike O'Connor / February 19, 2024

Part 2 In Our B2B Marketing Series Since the post-pandemic reopening, NuVoodoo clients have been increasingly requesting B2B marketing intelligence as a complement to our broader ongoing study of marketing channels and ad messaging effectiveness. Recent research efforts have involved modeling employment and income data to allow us to analyze the behavior and attitudes of…

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The B2B Landscape: Data-Driven Strategies for Successfully Reaching and Influencing Business Decision Makers (Part 1)

By Mike O'Connor / January 29, 2024

In today’s fast-paced, ever-evolving digital marketing arena, understanding the nuances of marketing as it applies to specific audiences is more crucial than ever. NuVoodoo’s first media study of 2024  sheds light on one vital segment of the market: likely business decision-makers and digital B2B marketing. Our research goes beyond data collection, focusing on actionable insights…

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“No One Listens to Radio Anymore?” How to Survive the Holiday Grilling from Your Relatives

By Mike O'Connor / December 20, 2023

Ah, the holidays. You’re likely disengaging from the grind and enjoying some much-needed downtime, along with more than a few holiday-cheer-infused celebrations among family and friends.  If you’re like me, this time of year yields more social interaction with those neither in nor connected to the radio industry.   Inevitably, the Christmas punch bowl drains enough…

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Moneyball for Radio: Why Your Station’s AQH Audience Increased, But Its Market Share Went Down

By Mike O'Connor / November 30, 2023

NuVoodoo has dedicated the back half of 2023 to the Fall of Moneyball for Radio, sharing lots of little ways to help you grow your station ratings by a tenth of a point.  It can make a big difference in station revenue.  Now that report cards are rolling in, we thought it timely to share…

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“So, What Worked?” Deciphering Digital Campaign Attribution Metrics

By Mike O'Connor / November 16, 2023

If you’ve run a digital marketing campaign in the past or hired experts to execute on your behalf, you’ve undoubtedly been inundated by a dizzying array of campaign performance metrics. Getting to know the dozens of success markers that have been widely adopted for measuring campaign performance can be like mastering a foreign language. But…

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Moneyball for Radio: the Top 19 Listening Catalysts for 2023 According to NuVoodoo’s Nationwide Research

By Mike O'Connor / November 9, 2023

NuVoodoo’s marketing experts help stations narrow the marketing playing field to a small subset of listeners likely to make a big difference in the radio ratings. We’ve spent nearly a decade and a half perfecting the art of modeling and micro-targeting these high-probability RPS “Yes” radio listeners for clients, who represent, at most, about one…

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Beyond Mad Men: Generative AI Ushers in the New Mad Ad Era

By Mike O'Connor / November 2, 2023

The retail team in NuVoodoo’s marketing department is buzzing about the introduction of Amazon’s new Lifestyle Imagery generative AI capability and its potential to simplify the creation of engaging ads. This new tool, like DALL-E and other AI assistive technology, has the potential to significantly enhance the research and split-testing services we currently offer clients.…

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NuVoodoo Smartphone Marketing Guide Part 3: NuVoodoo’s Comprehensive Guide to Ad Formats

By Mike O'Connor / October 26, 2023

The U.S. mobile advertising market is experiencing substantial growth, with increased spending and a proliferation of mobile ad formats, particularly video, social media, and text marketing. Spending on these formats has doubled or even tripled since 2017, reflecting rapid mobile innovations. The smartphone ad market nearly reached $70 billion in 2022. This trend reflects the…

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NuVoodoo’s Mobile Marketing Guide Part 2: How to Demystify the Landscape to Arrive at Better Smartphone Marketing Strategies

By Mike O'Connor / October 19, 2023

If you’re confused about how to spend your mobile marketing dollars, you are not alone.  Advertisers often feel overwhelmed by the many strategies and tactics available for mobile marketing campaigns. From social media ads and in-app advertising to SMS marketing and hyperlocal GPS-dependent strategies, there are numerous options to choose from.  It helps to have…

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