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A Potent Marketing Weapon – TikTok Adds Zip Codes to Its List of Advertising Targeting Options

By Mike O'Connor / September 21, 2023

TikTok’s new targeting options enhance the tool kit for radio stations marketing to Zoomers or Millennials in zip codes where Nielsen meters are installed, or diaries fall.  In fact, any business targeting a hyper-local audience can benefit.  Here’s what you need to know. Mike O’Connor, EVP Marketing Strategy TikTok’s unique video format, diverse audience, and…

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Artificial intelligence in financial activities

Alive and Local: A Strategy to Combat Those A.I. Voices Across the Street

By Mike O'Connor / September 13, 2023

How to leverage pre-existing audience perceptions to make it costly for competitors who jump on the A.I. train simply to save a buck and without concern for quality.  Why is it important to make ‘em pay?  Because we’ll all pay for poorly executed Robot Radio. Mike O’Connor & Carolyn Gilbert Cost-conscious radio executives have begun…

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Social media addiction

New Data: Most Used Apps in the U.S. as of Mid-August 2023

By Mike O'Connor / August 31, 2023

THE QUICK READ: The social marketing playing field is made of quicksand – not granite. That means constant testing to assess which way that quicksand is flowing. The Foundational Four: Google, Facebook, YouTube & Instagram remain consistent in their power & ubiquity, as well as the way to get the most bang for your marketing…

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How and When to Use NuVoodoo’s Latest and Most-Advanced Mobile Targeting Solution – Geoframing

By Mike O'Connor / August 21, 2023

Despite the new privacy controls over the past few years that let consumers have more control over their personal data, location-based tracking (of smartphones) remains an extremely effective marketing tool for brands.  You’ve likely heard the terms Geo-targeting, Geo-fencing, and quite possibly even Geo-Conquesting, which had been NuVoodoo’s state-of-the-art ad tech for mobile marketing.  Until…

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The Social Media Channels Americans Use Most

By Mike O'Connor / August 16, 2021

Want to know which social and digital media channels different generations of Americans are using most? Watch this short presentation of our semi-annual study of over 3,000 14-54 year-olds. Before you set up your next digital ad campaign, you need to see this data. Or, reach out at to have us manage your campaign…

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Solutions for an Increasingly “Tracking-Free” Environment

By Mike O'Connor / July 7, 2021

Our latest video, part 2 in our series about the declination of individual online and mobile tracking and what it means for digital marketing campaigns today and in the future, will cut through the noise and bring you up to date in an efficient half-hour watch. It’s a 28-minute-deep-dive but worth your time. Watch here.…

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DIY and new technologies

Solutions for Marketing to an Increasingly Ad Tracking-Adverse Consumer

By Mike O'Connor / June 14, 2021

Even though consumers have started opting out of ad-tracking, there are new solutions that improve targeting accuracy like never before. NuVoodoo VP of Product Development Mike O’Connor speaks with Tim Johnston, head of the sales team at one of our leading ad technology providers about Semantic Targeting in this short 15 minute mini-webinar. We’re such…

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The CDC Sounded the “All-Clear.” Are Listeners Ready to Get Back to Normal?

By Mike O'Connor / May 24, 2021

NuVoodoo Study just back from the field suggests the transition might take some time

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Will Bots Kill Your Station’s Digital Ad Campaign?

By Mike O'Connor / May 13, 2019

The most recent crackdown on digital advertising has come from Google/YouTube and they’ve lead the way replacing human ad-content policy-enforcers with bots. You can be sure Facebook will follow in these and other compliance areas.

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