The B2B Landscape: Data-Driven Strategies for Successfully Reaching and Influencing Business Decision Makers (Part 1)

Business Decisions

In today’s fast-paced, ever-evolving digital marketing arena, understanding the nuances of marketing as it applies to specific audiences is more crucial than ever. NuVoodoo’s first media study of 2024  sheds light on one vital segment of the market: likely business decision-makers and digital B2B marketing. Our research goes beyond data collection, focusing on actionable insights to help our clients effectively engage and close deals with these key players.  NuVoodoo’s curated study takeaways can cut the time and expense involved when attempting to reach and influence business decision-makers.  

Study Overview

Conducted in mid-January 2024, our study surveyed a diverse range of 3,100 nationwide participants, with the sample balanced according to demographics, ethnicity, and geography. We modeled employment and income data to allow a special focus on a segment of ‘likely business decision makers.’ We explored their digital habits, preferences for sharing personal information, and receptiveness to various marketing tactics. This group acts very differently when measured against our baseline overall sample. In part one, we’ll show how this group feels about ‘tracking’ online activity or location.

Key Findings and Data Insights

Our findings are eye-opening, particularly regarding the digital footprints of business decision-makers compared to the general population. For instance, when asked about consent for tracking activity across websites, nearly half of likely business decision makers (LBDM) allow it most or all of the time, compared to only about one in five in the total sample. More than double! This trend of openness revitalizes strategies such as digital remarketing, at least for the moment.

A particularly revealing aspect of NuVoodoo’s study involves the attitudes of business decision-makers toward location tracking. Our data indicates a noteworthy trend: 50% of likely business decision-makers are open to sharing their location data often or always, a nearly 2:1 difference compared to the 27% of the total sample inclined to permit location tracking with such frequency.

This predisposition to allow location tracking presents a unique opportunity for businesses employing location-based digital marketing strategies to cultivate B2B prospects. These strategies allow for hyper-targeted messaging and offers, aligning marketing efforts with the geographic context of the target audience. That could involve serving advertising to C-suite officers at corporate headquarters or targeting business leaders gathered at conventions and seminars. For more on NuVoodoo’s advanced location-based digital strategies, see our deep dive into How and When to Use NuVoodoo’s Latest and Most-Advanced Mobile Targeting Solution – Geoframing

We’re just beginning to unpack the new findings in this fresh NuVoodoo media study. It offers more than just data; it provides a roadmap to effective B2B and consumer marketing. By understanding the unique preferences of business decision-makers, our clients can tailor their strategies to engage this critical audience effectively. Our commitment is to transform insights into action, guiding our clients to reach and resonate with their target audience.

In our next update, we’ll share what motivates business decision-makers to give up basic information that can be leveraged when drawing prospects into and down the marketing funnel. The customer journey from awareness to consideration and a final decision requires a nuanced multivariate approach. We help you understand what makes this audience segment tick.

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