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In the kNOW: Tune-In with Real-Time Dashboard Tracking

By Jeri Fields

We had August’s ‘In the kNOW’ all planned out. And then, we didn’t. This month we take the NOW in kNOW up a notch -or three. With all that’s happening in the news, we wondered what people wanted to know about, what kept them tuning in and what might influence them to change the channel.…

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Would You Attend an In-Person AMT?

By Leigh Jacobs

With vaccinations surging at the start of the summer many of us started making plans for resuming pre-pandemic activities, but the Delta variant has thrown a massive variable in those plans. We’re back to waiting for guidance from the CDC, state and local authorities. The chief economist at Goldman Sachs admits the impact of the…

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Fall Plans and the Delta Variant – 3 Key Data Points for Event Planners

By Russ Gilbert

Almost everyone’s seen the memes by now, but if not here are a few favorites: It seems a foregone conclusion for most people that with the spread of the Delta Variant our short lived “return to normalcy” will not be without some pretty major bumps in the road. We’ve already seen an uptick in inquiries…

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The Social Media Channels Americans Use Most

By Mike O'Connor

Want to know which social and digital media channels different generations of Americans are using most? Watch this short presentation of our semi-annual study of over 3,000 14-54 year-olds. Before you set up your next digital ad campaign, you need to see this data. Or, reach out at to have us manage your campaign…

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Music Station On-Air Talent: Bank Tellers of the Music Biz?

By Leigh Jacobs

Carolyn was chatting recently with a neighbor who observed that she avoids using the supermarket self-checkout lane because she doesn’t want to put the checkers out of work. Of course, as Carolyn points out, that same neighbor uses ATM’s rather than going to the bank and uses Google to find phone numbers rather than calling…

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