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Friends partying on the beach

In the kNOW – Summer Plans: Will We Stay or Will We Go?

By Jeri Fields

With lockdowns hopefully a thing of the past, we found ourselves curious about what summer plans look like for everyone. Are folks planning to travel or stick close to home? We surveyed over 1,300 Americans and what we found says we’re hopeful, but wary. And maybe not as weary of our ‘new normal’ as you…

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The All Access Audio Summit: The Case for Virtual Events

By Carolyn Gilbert

In the “before times,” conferences and meetings were part of the annual plan.  Getting together.  Learning together.  Eating and drinking together.  Spending lots of money.  This past year has helped us focus on the actual purpose of the events that people consider attending, and we’ve found some real benefits to the virtual event – and…

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Are Gen Z’s Really Different than Millennials?

By Leigh Jacobs

Recent discussions with programmers and managers have more than once turned to whether or not to include under-25’s in targeting. For decades, 12-24’s have been the youthful edge insurgent Top 40s employed to topple heritage hit music outlets – and that playbook has been repeated in rock, urban and other formats. But we think it…

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Girl telling a secret

The Top-Testing Slogan Is …

By Leigh Jacobs

It’s no big secret. Every time we’ve gotten a chance to test the desirability of some variant of the slogan, “Music that makes you feel good,” it scores near the top of the ranking. And why wouldn’t it? Academic studies have shown that any music you really like will improve your mood. All music radio…

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5 Things We’ve Learned Producing Virtual Events

By Russ Gilbert

Learning these lessons was neither cheap nor easy. Our digital roadmap for 2020 and what we ended up doing were not exactly similar.  Like everyone, we had to throw out our plan in March when it became clear the world was shutting down and pivot as fast as we could towards products and ideas that…

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