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Thanks and Giving

By Roger Malinowski / November 21, 2022

As we reflect on the year and what we’re thankful for, our clients are certainly at the top of the list. We are excited and motivated by the chance to truly advance and support so many different companies in such unique and innovative ways. We know the importance of driving measurable results for your customers,…

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NuVoodoo Client Spotlight: MiiR

By Roger Malinowski / August 23, 2022

Marketing and advertising are ultimately about selling goods and services. But when those goods do good in the world, well…we can’t think of anything more satisfying. In this issue’s “Client Spotlight”, we present our client, MiiR, makers of premium stainless-steel vessels for coffee, beer, wine, and food. Nuvoodoo became a proud partner to MiiR at…

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B2B Marketing – A Tougher Putt Than B2C?

By Roger Malinowski / June 21, 2022

Selling directly to consumers involves knowing your audience, where they are, what they care about, and even where they view and remember ads.  With super-intelligent tools available on many social and advertising platforms, and the help of data, algorithms and AI, the options are almost endless. But when it comes to selling to brands, agencies, and…

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Large Audience crowd gathering at a conference watching the guest speaker on the main stage

Inside/Out – Reflections on NAB From a First Time and Veteran Attendee

By Roger Malinowski / May 23, 2022

I joined NuVoodoo late in 2020 during the pandemic as the VP of business development.  I had been told about the vast experience and amazing reputation the company had in the radio/broadcast industry. Over the last two years, I’ve seen firsthand just how deep our connection with media runs. While I’ve been personally tasked with…

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Father and son working on computer

Happy “Bring Your Son or Daughter to Work Day”

By Roger Malinowski / April 18, 2022

National “Take Your Son or Daughter to Work Day” is quickly approaching. In 2022, we celebrate the holiday on Thursday, April 28th, and in a post-pandemic world, things might look a bit different this year. If you are back in an office setting, I encourage you to participate in this tradition as it always seems…

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Brand Values: Do Consumers Really Care?

By Roger Malinowski / February 24, 2022

Building a brand and establishing how it functions and communicates in the world is hugely important to any business. Companies attempt to align their brand with their target audience to, at the very least, appear authentic to the communities they serve and ultimately drive more sales of their product or service. Branding has evolved over…

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Cyber Monday in 2021

By Roger Malinowski / October 25, 2021

Ever since the start of Pumpkin Spice Season, previously known as “Fall”, many people are thinking about the holidays and what 2021 will hold for gatherings, shopping, travel and gift-giving. With what is already a significant uptick in online purchases, and the questions surrounding supply and shipping, NuVoodoo wanted to know how soon should brands…

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Fiesta Hermosa 2021 Hybrid Event Labor Day Weekend 2021

By Roger Malinowski / September 21, 2021

For 50 years, “Fiesta” has been filling Hermosa Beach, California’s streets with art, music, and fun. Fiesta de las Artes, as it was originally named, celebrated artisan culture, and welcomed visitors from all over to the beach to shop and enjoy local art. For more than a decade, Fiesta has been known as Southern California’s…

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people crowd walking on street

Join in the Fun of Fiesta Hermosa, No Matter Where You Are!

By Roger Malinowski / July 16, 2021

Fiesta Hermosa is back! While stay at home orders prevented this twice-a-year art and music showcase from occurring in 2020, the event that has traditionally attracted tens of thousands of visitors to the beautiful beach city, will return Labor Day Weekend 2021. It’s returning with a couple of (really great) tweaks. While restrictions related to…

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