Moneyball: A New Option for Ad Placement


The results of NuVoodoo Ratings Prospects Study 23 make it clear, there’s a new ad platform option for stations advertising for the spring book. For years our marketing team has talked about The Foundational Four, meaning the Alphabet duo of Google and YouTube and the Meta duo of Instagram and Facebook.

For daily usage among those most likely to end up as ratings respondents (RPS Yes) TikTok ties Instagram and gives us more options for building station campaigns. Of course the trick is in the targeting and not all platforms perform equally well with all demos. You’ll note that Facebook is still miserable for reaching Gen Z (ages 14-27 in our sample of 14-54s nationwide), while neither Instagram nor TikTok are particularly strong for reaching Gen X (ages 45-54 in this sample).

We think of those using these platforms at least four times a day as “compulsives,” checking back time after time. They help station messages build frequency in their goal to turn awareness into recall and/or action. These now Foundational Five platforms all exceed 40% compulsive usage among ratings likelies.

As noted last week we’re now using additional data derived from our study to pair platform choice with the goals of a campaign. Some platforms are great for awareness, some are great for generating actions. Depending on who you want to reach and what you’re hoping to get from them, TikTok can now be a great tool.

Being able to make data-driven decisions on these choices gives stations an advantage in achieving their goal whether the ratings methodology is diary or meter; whether the market size is top twenty or local markets ranked 200 and smaller.

It’s worth noting that smaller markets benefit from having fewer people to reach. Our team’s had great success in smaller markets building campaigns with budgets under $5K. It’s a matter of using the data to do lots of little things better. It’s that compound effect that can lead to dramatic results.

We’re skipping the webinar experience this year and offering to show deeper results from our new nationwide study, Ratings Prospects Study 23, to smaller groups by appointment. That avoids the problem of flying over data that someone is trying to get their arms around. With fewer people in attendance, we can answer questions on the fly. In the end, we think it’s better for everyone.

In 20 minutes, you’ll get six key takeaways that cover new ground for 2024 to help your radio station play and win the ratings game. We’re glad to review the data for individual stations or clusters, consultants, executives, etc. We’ll ask only 20 minutes for a sales-pitch-free Zoom, but we’re glad to spend as much time as needed to answer questions and talk about the data. An email to will get you scheduled for a presentation of our latest data.