Online Music Tests

When the old voodoo just isn’t performing well enough – or doesn’t work within your resources – you need NuVoodoo.  Your goal is to keep track of ever-changing music opinions so you can determine which music to expose most often, which to expose less often, and which to avoid altogether.

Traditional AMTs (old voodoo) have gotten silly expensive and yield questionable results. Declining participation from telephone respondents and general inflation have forced prices for AMTs beyond the means of many radio stations.


Instead of having telephone agents (who are incented per completion) screen through tired databases to find people who – “listen to OUR STATION … don’t you?” – NuVoodoo respondents are screened dispassionately by a computer with no quotas. You don’t qualify – you don’t get in. Period!

Qualified respondents are then sent to the music survey, where oral instructions are given, responses tested within the framework of the test and where they can take breaks at their own convenience and come back to continue right where they left off. It’s that simple and that much more effective.

NuVoodoo’s Online Platform Drives Better, More Credible Results.

Our platform allows us to do things online that cannot be done in person, and that give you better, more credible results:

  • Hooks are rotated so the first hundred no longer test better than the rest of the test.
  • All lists are rotated, meaning that one personality will test better than another because they do – not because they were first on the list.
  • We ask “test” questions to make sure they’re listening (audio instructing them to “check response 6 now.” You miss that one – you’re gone.
  • Perfect sampling – daily monitoring allows us to assure perfect listening, demographic and geographic distribution.
  • Besides audio, we can test video, morning shows, art … easily!
  • Longer hooks: Respondents give us answers when they recognize the song and can move forward, allowing those who are slower the time to make up their minds.
  • At THEIR convenience. People are much less inclined to go out for $50. The gas itself eats up half of it! But if they can sit at home in their pajamas and make some nice money listening to music they like anyway, it fits within the expectations of today’s consumer. You get better results if they’re more comfortable!

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