CASE STUDY Rich Eisen Show


The Seven Year Itch

Rich Eisen's site hadn't been updated since 2014. His show had moved to the Peacock Network and he needed a visual refresh and backend upgrades.


The Challenge

A Streamlined Workflow and Visual Refresh

The Rich Eisen Show creates 3 hours of high quality video content each day. His staff wanted to ensure that work only had to be done once, they wouldn't be on the hook for bandwidth costs, and that the site would be easy to update.


The Solution

PressPlatform Enterprise Hosting and Software Integration

Migrating the site to NuVoodoo's PressPlatform for Media resulted in a 44% speed increase, driving up traffic and SEO ranking.

An integration with YouTube meant that the social media team's existing workflow would ensure the site had the latest content automatically without them even having to log in.

The affiliate list is now integrated with a private Google Doc. Their Affiilate Relations team updates the doc as they add new stations and the site updates in near real time.

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