We can deliver personalized and precisely targeted postcards, letters or brochures to the mailbox of your ideal customer.

The 2019 version of Direct Mail is as cost-effective as ever, giving us the opportunity to skip households that don't meet your targeting.

With hundreds of household data variables at our disposal, NuVoodoo develops a prospecting list that assures you reach your most qualified prospects.

Then, we incorporate personalization in the actual graphic design to increase response rates.

Whether you’re a radio station looking to find highly likely participants of your ratings, or a candidate looking to target likely voters, direct mail is as efficient as it’s ever been.

City with abstract connected location pins. Dull sky background. Navigation concept. 3D Rendering


IP Targeting enables you to target unique users at a specific household or business location. It works by using the technology of matching IP addresses to a list of names and street addresses and then displaying your digital ad only to those people on websites they visit across the internet. Your ads reach the exact target household so you have zero wasted impressions or budget.


By matching a recipient’s physical address on a mailing list to their home IP address, you can deliver digital ads to any device connected to home internet OR surprise your website visitors with direct mail follow-up. Reverse IP address matched mail to site visitors allows you to limit mail investment to those who have demonstrated prior intent for your products and services.