Labels, managers, promoters, artists - There's an inherent hustle that comes with your job.

The need to find the newest and best way to reach music consumers is always on the top of your mind. But the resulting objective has always remained the same: Streams, downloads, and butts in seats.

NuVoodoo does proprietary research with the specific goal of finding consumers most valuable to you. Since 2011, we’ve taken that data and used it to create and execute hundreds of successful campaigns for our clients. Not sure where to start? We’ll serve as both your flunkie and consultant, saving you time, money, and effort.


When and why should you email us?

  • Promotions

    We have detailed research on what consumers want in contesting and how best to deliver that to them.

  • Ticket Sales

    How often do you see someone post to social after a show has come through wondering why they didn't know it was happening and how disappointed they are they missed it? Leave no seat unsold.

  • New Tracks

    Maybe Radio isn't playing your great new track yet and you need to show them it's a hit in their market.

  • Retargeting

    With each successive campaign, we have the ability to then retarget the most engaged part of the audience the next time to ensure maximum impact the next time your band has a new track or show to announce.

  • Social Marketing Shifts

    The rules change every day. Our job is to keep up.

  • Relationships with Radio

    You've formed partnerships with radio stations and want to make sure that their investment in your artist benefits both of you.

  • Increase Familiarity

    Everything moves quicker now. Supplement market airplay with targeted marketing to prove your hit is a hit faster. Results of this type of screening and testing have been consistent, intuitive and they replicate.  Good, solid research.   To help you make the decisions you need to make with confidence, week after week.

  • Local or National focus

    We can build you everything from a massive national campaign to a hyper-local option to start the first chapter in an artist's story.

  • Campaign guidance

    With years of best practices and industry experience, we can help you shape your campaign as if it was our own and give you the most return on your investment.

Ready to find out more?

No matter what industry you're in, NuVoodoo has the capabilities you need to move the needle.  Contact us today for a custom marketing plan for your business.