NuVoodoo Live – Cookie Armageddon and Contextual YouTube – New

These NuVoodoo live sessions are designed to quickly share some high-level insights with marketers over the course of ten to 15 minutes – time we’re confident you won’t want back.

Today our focus is on the Cookie Apocalypse.. What does it mean, how does it affect marketers and what can be done to address it? In the past, most digital campaign success comes as the result of precisely targeting the right type of prospects, based on their past digital behavior and the digital footprints they leave behind. That meant cookies and mobile device ids.
But targeting by captured mobile and browse activity all changed in May 2021 – when Apple introduced a powerful set of tools to help IOS users and later Mac OS users avoid tracking. And privacy concerns have escalated ever since. So, now what?
Today, we’ll share info about exciting new ad tech we’ve added to the NuVoodoo stack called contextual YouTube, and we’ll share the latest research about how people are feeling about online and mobile tracking because that’s really at the heart of what has made targeting success in the past.