NuVoodoo Media Services, a next generation media research and marketing company, announces additional findings from its fourth and latest NuVoodoo Ratings Prospects Study. Among nearly 1100 respondents, ages 14-54 in all PPM markets, 89% use radio daily among those who say they would participate in a PPM-style ratings methodology. Radio remains highly relevant – especially among those who would be inclined to participate in the current ratings system.

Leigh Jacobs, Vice President, Research for NuVoodoo said: “Radio remains strong, particularly among could-be ratings participants. These human periscopes who are inclined to participate in the PPM ratings are beneficial in many ways. In our data, we’ve seen that they’re more highly attuned to paying attention to advertising messages and are more likely to enjoy the contests that radio stations use as part of their promotional arsenal.  It’s especially beneficial to radio, since fewer listen daily among those who predicted that they wouldn’t participate in a PPM-style methodology.

Mike O’Connor, Executive Vice President, Marketing for NuVoodoo said: “Armed with this information and deeper insights beyond, we can help our marketing clients target heavy users of radio with minimal waste. And with Facebook, Google and YouTube at our disposal in 2016, it’s never been more economical to reach them.”

Carolyn Gilbert, President for NuVoodoo said: “All broadcasters complain about the ratings, but these data show that, even with the limitations, all in all, PPM ratings are good for radio – unless, of course, one of your important panelists goes on vacation, in which case it’s the worst system ever devised by anyone.”

Complete findings of the latest NuVoodoo Ratings Prospects Study are available exclusively to all NuVoodoo clients for their use in developing their marketing and promotion plans for the coming year. Past studies have been fielded late in the year for release after the holidays, but this update was fielded going into the fall ratings season to make sure NuVoodoo clients have the benefit of the very latest intelligence on emerging social media platforms for use in their marketing and promotion plans.

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