And the best CHR slogan is…

In this year’s NuVoodoo Ratings Prospects Study we asked respondents about several dozen positioning statements and slogans used on stations around the country.  Here we’ll isolate a sampling of statements and slogans as rated by Women 18-29 who are P1 to a CHR station – mainstream or rhythmic.  We’ll also disclaim that it’s a national sample and that the results for a specific CHR station can certainly vary – but we believe these results will be directionally correct in many situations.

Start with 5 slogans and positioners that may or may not be appropriate for CHR.  Right away, we see that the CHR constituency isn’t very interested in the past – or even recent eras.


But, we also see that taking away the assertion of market rank lifts the appeal of the slogan significantly.  In fact, the moniker Top 40 – which some think of as a pejorative – is slightly more appealing than The #1 Hit Music Station.  And, if we add in the basic function of CHR – to play new songs listeners might like (or already like) – we see that it ranks above The #1 Hit Music Station.  


While a station’s #1 market rank is a detriment to none of our respondents, few are impressed.  The most compelling reason to include the station’s #1 ranking may be as an aid to the sales department – since it may convey the station’s efficiency to potential advertisers.


But, we admit that we were surprised that the best-testing slogan among these CHR P1 women had nothing to do with Hit Music.


The top of our list for CHR is the slogan we’ve heard more often connected with AC brands over the years: Songs you like to sing along with.  But, it made sense to us.  When you ask what listeners do when they really like a song, men generally say they turn up the volume, while women more often answer that they sing along.

We see that other usage or emotionally connected verbiage also got significant response.  Both Gets you in a better mood and Songs that make you feel good were well ranked among these slogans.

What’s the takeaway?  If you’re already The #1 Hit Music Station, give strong consideration to usage or emotionally-charged supporting statements for positioning.  If you’re battling The #1 Hit Music Station, give strong consideration to adopting a positioner that connects emotionally with listeners.  In any format, give strong consideration to whether or not you need to describe your recipe or whether you’re better off connecting emotionally with listeners.  Can you imagine Bud Light advertising itself as The #1 Beer in America?