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VoodooVision: That’s a Wrap!

By Leigh Jacobs / March 22, 2023

Throughout March we’ve been conducting webinars showing off the results of the latest NuVoodoo study. If you missed the webinars live, you can find a recording at We did our best to balance the interests of our newest clients outside the radio business with the needs of our longtime radio clients in the webinar.…

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Pre-Predictions About Holiday Shopping

By Leigh Jacobs / September 21, 2022

With the heart of the holiday shopping season still a couple of months away, NuVoodoo interviewed 350 adults 18+ nationwide about their expectations as they may be in the early stages of considering their purchases. We wanted to get an idea of how consumers imagine their shopping this holiday season as they face higher prices,…

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New 2022 Data for Podcasters from NuVoodoo

By Leigh Jacobs / March 18, 2022

Podcasting is becoming a big business with a low barrier for entry that can pay handsome rewards to creators with solid content and strategy. Nearly half of the total sample in the NuVoodoo January 2022 Digital Media Study are now using podcasts on a weekly basis. Our sample includes interviews with 3,298 persons, ages 14…

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Pre-Holiday Covid Update

By Leigh Jacobs / November 17, 2021

As we come upon the Thanksgiving holiday and the Christmas shopping season, a brand-new NuVoodoo Quick-Turn Study of 2,105 Adults 18+ nationwide shows lots of Covid booster doses already in arms. These new data were collected November 12-16 and show 75% at least partially vaccinated, 24% already “boosted” and the number saying they will NOT…

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What the World Needs Now: A Big Audio Hug

By Leigh Jacobs / October 5, 2020

In the study we presented at Morning Show Boot Camp (1000 morning show listeners 18-49 across all PPM markets), we wanted to get an idea of what kind of morning show people were looking for given the unusual nature of 2020. Even in “normal times,” we know a portion of morning radio listeners are looking…

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Advice for Morning Talent

By Leigh Jacobs / September 28, 2020

During our session at Morning Show Boot Camp last week, we were asked what advice we have for morning talent. Carolyn and I answered off the cuff, but thought we’d take this opportunity to write a complete answer to the question, “What are the most important things morning shows should be doing today?” Stay relevant…

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Morning Radio in the New Abnormal

By Leigh Jacobs / September 18, 2020

There’s simply been nothing “normal” to discuss about much of anything since the middle of March. When we were asked to present at this year’s virtual Morning Show Boot Camp, which happens next week (9/23-24), our brains immediately went to trying to put some quantitative numbers behind the anecdotes that swarm around discussions of morning…

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The PPM Headphone Adjustment. Finally.

By Leigh Jacobs / September 8, 2020

Back during the introduction of PPM (when it was a partnership between Arbitron and Nielsen), some of us fretted about quarter hours that could be lost because of headphone listening. Arbitron assured us that panelists would just have to use a dongle to connect their audio source to the meter and then plug their headphones…

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Announcing NuVoodoo Consumer Insights

By Leigh Jacobs / August 31, 2020

NuVoodoo Consumer Insights is live and ready. It’s a sales-focused research solution that collects local samples quickly in markets of all sizes to help get meetings and close deals with prospective advertisers. Our research operations team sets up the output in a custom dashboard with presentation-ready results: as the sample fills up, you can literally…

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What Radio Sales Teams Need Is…

By Leigh Jacobs / August 24, 2020

An enlightening part of preparing for our recent webinar for RAB members was surveying that group of sales professionals about what they do and what help they need. In all, some 259 radio sales professionals gave us feedback. Despite their frustration with having to prove to prospects over and over again that people really DO…

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