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Coronavirus: Getting Back to Normal Yet?

By Leigh Jacobs / June 15, 2020

On the positive side, we’re seeing the lowest levels of extreme concern about the coronavirus in our on-going NuVoodoo tracking that we’ve seen since mid-March. The three-day snapshot shown here from June 8-11 puts extreme concern at just 32% overall – though as high as 48% in the Northeast and as low as 22% in…

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What Listeners Expect from Radio in the Wake of George Floyd Protests

By Leigh Jacobs / June 8, 2020

Extreme concern about the coronavirus has backed off its 50% highs seen in April and May and is now hovering around 35% – and should continue to decline, absent new outbreaks. And now the nation is gripped with new concerns arising from protests in the wake of the killing of George Floyd. A two-day sample…

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Coronavirus Updates: Still Necessary?

By Leigh Jacobs / June 1, 2020

NuVoodoo has been tracking concern about the coronavirus for nearly three months. We’ve watched extreme concern dip below 40% since the start of the Memorial Day weekend – and hope it will be able to continue to ease back. Looking at data from 7 days ending May 27, we see overall concern across the nation…

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Making Coronavirus Coverage Count

By Leigh Jacobs / May 26, 2020

NuVoodoo has been tracking concern about the coronavirus since March 9 – more than two months. Each day sees a sample of at least 2,000 persons 16-54 nationwide. It’s a ton of data. Our team updates the tracking information on our website every day and is adding new results all the time. You can view…

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COVID-19 Recovery Messaging

By Leigh Jacobs / May 5, 2020

We’ve gotten nice feedback on the information and ideas released in last week’s NuVoodoo webinar, Covering and Recovering from COVID-19: Practical Steps to Help Your Listeners & Your Station Through the Pandemic & Beyond. If you did miss the webinar, fear not, the recording is posted on our website at – you’ll get all…

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Webinar This Week: Helping Your Listeners & Your Station Through the Pandemic & Beyond

By Leigh Jacobs / April 27, 2020

Lots of ideas swirl around news media concerning reopening the US economy. While we’re all tired of quarantine/isolation, a narrow plurality is ready to isolate until “officials say it’s safe” – and nearly as many say they’re staying home until they feel safe – “even if officials say it’s okay.” That’s nearly 3 in 4…

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New Webinar to Get You Through and Beyond COVID-19

By Leigh Jacobs / April 20, 2020

With well over a month quarantined (or operating as essential services in station buildings) for many of us, we’re all ready for things to get back to normal. The question of “when” is up to public officials, but it’s certain that “how” won’t simply be a matter of resuming what we were doing in February.…

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Music vs. COVID Content: Striking the Balance

By Leigh Jacobs / April 13, 2020

Even those of us expert at working from home are finding it hard to remember what “outside” and “hanging out with people we’re not related to” felt like after a month plus. As former radio programmers, the three of us collaborating on this piece (Mike O’Connor, PJ Kling and I) are all thinking about how…

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Coronavirus Coverage: What Should be On the Air?

By Leigh Jacobs / March 23, 2020

NuVoodoo started tracking concern levels regarding the novel coronavirus pandemic on Monday, March 9. We’re collecting interviews nationwide among 16-54 year-olds at the rate of about 3,000 per day. During this time, we’ve watched the percentage who are “extremely concerned” grow from 14% when we started on March 9 to 36% as I’m typing this…

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Coronavirus & Radio

By Leigh Jacobs / March 16, 2020

While the second installment of our spring webinar series, 2020: New Technology & A New Way to Play the Ratings Game, launches on Monday, March 16 (register at, the more urgent thing on minds around the world is the COVID-19 Coronavirus. In a now on-going nationwide study, NuVoodoo is tracking concern about the spread…

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