Coronavirus: Getting Back to Normal Yet?

On the positive side, we’re seeing the lowest levels of extreme concern about the coronavirus in our on-going NuVoodoo tracking that we’ve seen since mid-March. The three-day snapshot shown here from June 8-11 puts extreme concern at just 32% overall – though as high as 48% in the Northeast and as low as 22% in the Midwest. With reports of increases in cases and hospitalizations in parts of the country, we should be prepared to see concern levels increase.

With mainly lower levels of concern, we’re seeing a marked increase in the numbers saying they’re comfortable returning to work (with extra safety precautions) – and a few more saying businesses and stores should reopen. The new “abnormal” we’re all experiencing requires a deft touch from programming teams. The more local car trips listeners are making – as they increase their shopping, head back to work, set up socially-distant visits with friends – will have many approaching these encounters with some concern. Information, assurance and empathy from a familiar, relied-upon voice (your station) will be of value.

And, while some listeners are ready to take these new steps as governments ease stay-at-home restrictions, the data says that many are still looking for a regular touchstone from their favorite music radio station in terms of what’s going on with coronavirus. Hopefully, most of those updates can be about restored local freedoms and where they can go to exercise them. BUT, by routinely providing those updates, you ensure your position as a place they’ll know to turn … in the event things worsen.

At a time when we’re all getting tired of restrictions and the routine imposed by restrictions, content will burn faster than ever. The specific content recommendations we published recently showed greater interest in advice from medical experts than from government officials. And, of course, original content from your station with experts from your area is always a good call. A variety of local medical experts saying which activities are reasonable (and with which precautions) is sure to be sought-after information and will help switch up the content from update to update.

The pandemic remains a fast-moving target with a general trend of improvement masking increases in some places and hot spots in some localities. The data we’re showing here is national data across a wide 16-54 demo. Results will vary by market and demo. You have to know your market’s situation and your station’s audience to make the best decisions. We hope these results will help inform those decisions in the event that specific data isn’t available. NuVoodoo is always on tap to provide custom research at the market level – with very quick turnaround for well-focused inquiries – reach out to us at for details.

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