Announcing NuVoodoo Consumer Insights


NuVoodoo Consumer Insights is live and ready. It’s a sales-focused research solution that collects local samples quickly in markets of all sizes to help get meetings and close deals with prospective advertisers. Our research operations team sets up the output in a custom dashboard with presentation-ready results: as the sample fills up, you can literally copy and paste charts from the dashboard.

Programming departments have trusted NuVoodoo research to make big decisions for a decade now (and NuVoodoo principals for many years longer than that). Consumer Insights is an effective local sales tool that comes with NuVoodoo’s reputation for research excellence and strict adherence to data integrity. The research is fast, relevant and affordable, with barter options available.

In this snapshot gathered in the past week from with over 3000 respondents ages 15-54 nationwide, we see strong consumer intention to support local businesses, a tremendous appetite for information from local retailers on hours and store conditions – and, not surprisingly – a need for sales and discounts (as well as concern about heading back to larger in-person events).

We can deliver this type of information at the local level – and in greater detail. We can gather intelligence on top of mind awareness of businesses across a wide swath of categories in a market. We can determine which businesses are optimizing their responses during these times and which are falling behind in the eyes of consumers. We can help you identify opportunities for clients as needs and perceptions shift through the pandemic.

It’s clear that nothing is normal right now. Information gathered back in 2019 prior to the pandemic might as well have been gathered in 1919. The good news is that the research team at NuVoodoo has many ways to help. Between piggybacking on our daily national interviews as shown here or doing custom projects in local markets, we can close information gaps for sales departments quickly.

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