Are You Missing Out on a Huge Marketing Opportunity Via Facebook?

Facebook recently crossed the 3 million advertiser mark. Declarations of death for Facebook have not only been greatly exaggerated, they’ve been dead wrong. There’s a reason so many advertise on the Facebook ecosystem (which includes a mobile phone network and Instagram, by the way).

According to the latest NuVoodoo Ratings Prospect Study, Facebook usage has never been more widespread. Likely PPM responders in the target demos for many radio formats use Facebook regularly and at even higher percentages.


And it’s no different among the slightly different constituency of people who are likely to accept a diary.


Facebook is like virtual outdoor, but without the high costs of billboards and other out-of-home media, and with much more precise targeting. Instead of overpaying to market to the masses in your hot zips, you can identify exactly those with music or topic tastes that align perfectly with your format (and those of your competitors). And you can deliver your spring marketing message to the ZIP Codes where the meters are or the diaries are likely to fall.

Marketing for radio stations has long been a matter of trying to find targeted ways to pay only to reach those who can actually change the ratings: meter wearers or diary keepers. Facebook and its ecosystem allow not only deep targeting in terms of demo and lifestyle, but also allow targeting to mine the critical ZIP Codes AND other characteristics that are common to meter-friendly and diary-friendly individuals.

NuVoodoo pioneered a data-driven approach to Social Media marketing that’s been helping stations boost ratings in all format types and market sizes, both PPM and diary markets.