Best Ways to Reach Likely Ratings Respondents

We’re rolling out the results of our latest study of likely PPM and diary respondents to clients, Ratings Prospects Study 8. The digital world is moving so very quickly that we upped the frequency of our studies to twice a year back in 2014. This latest study features over 3,500 respondents 14-54 (and one special respondent) from across all PPM markets. The bigger sample means we can drill deeper into likely PPM (and likely diary participants) and dissect these most important listeners by gender, age, ethnicity and more.

While we see shifts in radio listening, relationships with streaming providers and usage of Social Media channels, we observed that some things remain constant. And among those constants are the most effective channels to use to advertise to likely PPM respondents (and likely diary respondents).

08.15 Picture1


Direct Mail is again the channel most likely to get the eyes of likely PPM and Diary respondents. It makes sense: the mailbox is increasingly the initial point of contact with potential respondents. And we’ve learned that Nielsen mails newsletters, along with monthly stipend checks, to PPM participants to keep them interested and retain them as respondents – increasing the likelihood that the people we’re targeting are those who pay attention to things that arrive in their mailbox.

As you’d expect, NuVoodoo’s direct mail solutions take full advantage of our insights into likely ratings respondents and our experience using Big Data. Targeting down to the recipient means we’re not wasting postage and printing costs sending mail to households with no target listeners for your station. Using the variables possible through Big Data means we can tune every piece to the recipient, from their name in the design of the artwork, to the targeted best-possible message about the station to send to that person. Businesses that rely on direct response from direct mail know this type of customization yields much higher response rates.

By the way, the special respondent we mentioned in connection with the new study is a woman who just finished nearly two years as a PPM panelist in a major market. Nielsen had just told her that her participation was finished after nearly two years in the panel. We had the good fortune to interview her extensively while the experience was still fresh in her mind. We’ll be making changes in subsequent Ratings Prospect Study questionnaires using information we learned from her. Additionally, what she told us about the efforts Nielsen employs now to keep respondents participating gave us new insights in marketing and promotional tactics for client stations.

NuVoodoo clients can email to set up an appointment to review the new study that details both our latest quantitative study of over 3500 respondents and our in-depth interview with a recent panelist.