How to Win the Workplace War

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The following is a preview of our upcoming webinar during which we’ll present fresh research you can use to rack up quarter hours during the workday. Reserve your spot at the day & time most convenient to you here:

Declining workday PUMM is the telltale sign that radio has competition during the workday. Data from NuVoodoo Ratings Prospects Study Eleven shows what we’ve been seeing in client studies for years now: terrestrial radio faces deep competition during the workday. The battle isn’t between the various places on the dial. The battle is now between devices (radio, computer, smartphone, smart speaker, etc.) and then between all the many sources that can feed those devices.

The sample of over 3,000 respondents across all PPM markets in our latest study shows terrestrial already comprising less than half the workday listening preference. The more radio-centric psychographics likely to participate in Nielsen surveys show somewhat higher preference for radio, but it would be a foolish operator who’d ignore the tremendous competition radio faces for at-work listening.

There’s lots of at-work listening – especially among the 18-44’s likely to cooperate with Nielsen. Of course, there’s also lots of competition for the ears of those workplace 18-44’s. Terrestrial operators need to be prepared to sharpen their offerings and their marketing tactics if they’re going to maximize their shares against other terrestrial operators, while bringing some Pandorans and Spotifiers back to the radio.

Watching these data in client studies and working with client stations in both programming and marketing, we’ve developed a playbook for radio operators waging the workplace war. While the playbook won’t fit in this blog post, we’re sharing it in an installment of our NuVoodoo Webinar Series. In “How to Win the Workplace War,” we’ll disclose best practices for workday contesting, optimal appointment times, most-attractive prizes and most-efficient marketing channels, along with tactics to connect with workday listeners. The 30-minute webinar will be offered several times during the week of April 2. Register at