NuVoodoo’s Ratings Prospects Studies: What’s Next

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Viewers of our webinars last month saw the latest numbers NuVoodoo has collected on Smart Speaker usage, the Smartphone messaging system that could bring a new dimension to your station’s interaction with listeners and the our most recent data on Social Media usage. On that last point we’ve been offering the footnote that we don’t know how much Facebook’s mammoth usage numbers might be attenuated by the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

As of our fielding in late January, Facebook was holding strong with daily social reach of (and the numbers rise substantially among past and likely future ratings participants). As of that fielding, Facebook’s only big usage blemish was a notch among the youngest females in our sample, but Facebook-the-corporation was still holding the attention of these youngest females with its other brand, Instagram.

We want to make sure we have our Social Media numbers updated for the new Facebook reality when stations start planning for the fall ratings season over the summer. So, we’re starting now to develop the questionnaire for NuVoodoo Ratings Prospects Study Twelve. We’re already locked in to continue our look at streaming, Social Media platforms, most-effective advertising platforms and Smart Speakers.

What new areas do you think we should investigate? What questions keep you up at night as you think about the future of our business? We’d love to incorporate your questions. If we take one of yours, we’ll make sure you and your team get an early preview of the deck we’ll be sharing with clients – so that you can see the answer to the question you submitted. Send your ideas to We promise no salesman will call. NuVoodoo doesn’t have sales people.

Last month we presented our first-ever webinars, How to Win the Workplace War with PPM Panelists & Dairykeepers and The NuVoodoo Complete Guide to Digital Marketing for Radio Ratings Success. We’re finishing our spring webinars this week with our Fifteen Things (in Fifteen Minutes) You Can Do to Boost Ratings (for those who couldn’t see the session live at last week’s Worldwide Radio Summit). You can find registration link for the new webinar along with recordings of past webinars at