Who Monitors Social Media Posts for Your Station?

We’re underway with the second episode of the NuVoodoo fall webinar series, Fall Contest Essentials. It’s a quick 30 minutes bristling with new insights on national vs. local contests – and how to optimize positioning no matter which side of that fray you find yourself. We have a deep dive on contest appointment times, a refresher on contest prizes and which listeners most appreciate promotions based on tactics other than contesting.

We’re revealing some data on music discovery sources and drilling down to compulsive Social Media usage to see which platforms are most potent for different demos. And we break open the NuVoodoo digital playbook to look at the latest tools and reveal some of the digital “secret sauce” from our marketing department. Register (and find recordings of past webinars) at nuvoodoo.com/webinars.

We’ve shown in the past that a funny or interesting post on Social Media can earn tune-ins for a station, but NuVoodoo Ratings Prospects Study Twelve also shows that there’s a dark side for poorly-considered posts. Half the ratings-likely 14-24’s in our sample agreed they’d unfollowed a station on Social Media due to an objectionable post. With the challenges faced by terrestrial for younger ears, losing a Social Media connection with a young listener is never a good thing.

Social Media can be such a strong channel for stations and station personalities, especially with PPM giving personalities a short leash for content. But that content has to be scrutinized and curated as carefully as the content on the air. And Social Media metrics need to be monitored as thoroughly as Nielsen ratings to better understand what works – and what doesn’t.

Who decides what gets posted at your station(s)? Who monitors which posts get good reactions and which don’t? Who from the station responds to the comments? Who critiques the posts and comments? It may not seem very important, but everything the station posts on Social Media is important content representing vital interactions with listeners.

It’s hard to believe that the RAB/NAB Radio Show in Orlando is about two weeks away. A number of us from NuVoodoo will be there and would love to talk with you about your questions and your challenges – and we’ll be glad to review any of the data from our recent webinars. Reach out to us at marketing@nuvoodoo.com and we’ll be in touch to set a time to get together.