A Game Show at an Industry Event?!

Worldwide Radio Summit 2019 is this week. AllAccess and A&R Worldwide have moved their conference to Burbank and are including a Golf Tournament along with the informative sessions and after-hours debauchery we’ve come to expect from WWRS.

In that spirit, we at NuVoodoo have hacked our own session at the conference this year. Instead of making attendees sit through yet another research presentation, we’re doing a GAME SHOW. NuVoodoo President Carolyn Gilbert confessed, “We just couldn’t do it – we couldn’t inflict another PowerPoint presentation laden with tables and charts on people at a conference; they’re deadly.” So, NuVoodoo’s session this year will be a game show. Attendees will be able to participate using their smartphones and those participating will have a chance to split $5000, along with other valuable prizes.

We’ll still be sharing new research insights – as we’ve done at Worldwide Radio Summit for years now – we’re just going to try to make it more interesting. This time, we’re including the results of thousands of interviews with deep heavies and likely ratings participants. We’ll have our latest info on:

  • Smart Speakers. Are they really that important?
  • Social Media. Which platforms are your listeners connecting with today?
  • Ad channels. Which ones can you use to “move the meter?”
  • Positioning concepts. We’re looking for new ground beyond the tried and true music statements.
  • Local radio news. Are we fake news? The enemy of the people?
  • Things that motivate ratings responders to change listening behavior
  • Barriers to radio station contest entries

I’ll be sharing the stage with fellow NuVoodoo’ers (NuVoodooans? NuVoodudes?) Mike O’Connor and PJ Kling – though we haven’t decided which one of us is going to wear the Vanna-White-style evening gown. At the end of our session we’ll select two attendees to come up and play “Find the Meter” with Ken Scott from Million Dollar Media. Those two attendees will have a chance to split $5000 or walk away with other valuable prizes.