Free Information to Power Your Fall Marketing & Promotions

As you’re reading this, the first installment of the NuVoodoo fall webinar series, “How To Win The Workplace War In 2019,” may be history (it’s scheduled at 11 AM Eastern on August 5). We’ll be turning our attention to preparing the second installment, “The Fall 2019 Contesting and Marketing Guide.” It launches after the Labor Day holiday. Details of future webinars, registration links and recordings of our past webinars can all be found at

NuVoodoo Ratings Prospects Study 14 gathered information from over 3,000 respondents ages 14-54 from across all PPM markets. As always, we profile the respondents who would be most likely to take a meter or diary – the ratings likelies. Our Fall 2019 Contesting and Marketing Guide will dive deep into everything you need to put the finishing touches on your contesting and marketing plans:

  • In a sea of new listening options, what are the key advantages of FM among different format constituencies – and among the oh-so-important ratings likelies?
  • The latest on Smart Speakers: usage, locations, devices – and how to turn them to your advantage.
  • The Social Media platforms that are growing and the ones that are the best vehicles for your paid marketing dollars, along with other ad channels that can help boost ratings.
  • The digital channels where people are most likely to pay attention to your videos – and how they watch them (who skips … and who doesn’t).
  • Why the Capital One data breach should impact your contest plans.
  • Advice on the best contest packaging opportunities and the latest on contest prizes – all broken out by demos and format constituencies.
  • Whether radio has improved its image when it comes to “rigged contests” – and the things you can do to combat that image.

In our first installment we’ve shown these numbers about how recently radio has touched the lives of listeners in a positive way. A little over half our respondents say a station made them laugh or surprised them with a great song in the last week. Somewhat fewer say a station made them feel great in the last week. And just over a quarter say a station made them feel appreciated. We’d submit that radio should work hard to make ALL of these higher.

In our Fall 2019 Contesting and Marketing Guide, we’ll look at these data broken out by demos and format constituencies – to see who’s having the best experiences with the stations they listen to.