Smart Speakers: Bedroom, Living Room and … Car?

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Last week we showed the continuing climb of Smart Speaker adoption, now at 2 in 3 among likely ratings participants. We showed how audio usage is growing for these devices. Since we started tracking adoption of these devices during the summer of 2017, we’ve been tracking where they’re landing in homes. We know that many end up in the bedroom.

Our latest numbers show that nearly 3 in 5 Smart Speaker owners have one in the bedroom. The living room is now the #2 placement as more people adopt more than one Smart Speaker into their lives. But, it’s the bedroom placement that has us most excited. Given that clock radios are about as common these days as rotary phones, getting a listening device back in the bedroom is big news.

Most people these days default to putting on the bedroom TV as a source for news and companionship while getting ready in the morning. It will take regular reminders from stations and their morning shows to begin changing that habit. The opportunity, however, to train loyal listeners to start their days listening to a radio morning show via Smart Speaker is tremendous.

Listeners will need to be reminded of what they need to say to “Alexa” or “Hey Google” to get the station to play. And with Alexa making her way into the car, the urgency is amplified. As of this writing, you still need to go to Amazon and request an invitation to buy an Echo Auto. The price of entry is about $25. PJ and I both have them. They’re not perfect (and there’s a little bit of a learning curve), but there’s a lot to like.

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