Ratings Prospects Study XV: Preview of Coming Attractions

NuVoodoo Ratings Prospects Study XV is out of the field. This new sample comprises nearly 4,000 persons, ages 14-64, and includes over 3200 interviews 14-54 to trend with our past studies. These new data from across all PPM markets will help stations program and promote effectively for 2020 and beyond:

  • The latest Smart Speaker data. Was this past holiday season was another good one for Alexa and Google Home?
  • Why Smart Speakers can be important to streamed terrestrial radio.
  • An early look at Alexa’s entry to the automobile, along with other “Smart” devices.
  • How the type of dashboard audio system impacts listening.
  • Speakers vs. headphones/earbuds for at-work listening – and how that choice impacts listening to terrestrial radio.
  • Fresh data on Social Media, including new Social Media channels like TikTok and Twitch.
  • The most interesting promotional offers from radio stations – divvied up by format partisans.
  • The most interesting teases to get listeners to stay through commercial breaks – divvied up by format partisans.
  • Fresh information on the advertising channels that likely ratings respondents pay attention to and marketing messages that have prompted them to listen more.
  • Whether or not stations improved their image among likely ratings respondents about rigging contests.
  • Most desirable features for direct mail pieces – divvied up by format partisans.
  • What podcast fans like (and dislike) about Talk Radio.

In addition to our customary drill-down on respondents who would be likely to accept a meter or diary from Nielsen, we’ve identified a group of past meter participants. We’ll look at WHY they participated – and how their behavior and attitudes align with our predicted participators.

The inclusion of over 700 Baby Boomers in this sample will help broadcasters who’ve found revenue by connecting with these consumers, while serving to contrast their attitudes with younger generations.

After regular NuVoodoo clients get first looks at Ratings Prospects Study XV in the weeks ahead, we’ll be announcing our webinar series for Spring 2020, kicking off mid-February. We’ll also be presenting key takeaways at All Access’ Worldwide Radio Summit on March 26.