Who’s NOT on Social Media Every Day?

Folks have come to expect that we’ll update the numbers we’ve been collecting concerning Social Media usage with each new NuVoodoo Ratings Prospects Study – and our latest study is no exception. We’ve got fresh data including daily and compulsive use of TikTok and Twitch in our new data set. We’ll cover that news as well as nineteen other points in the first installment of our spring webinar series: 20 Things to Put Your Station on Top of the 2020 Ratings. This new webinar kicks off Thursday, February 13. Register for any of three sessions at nuvoodoo.com/webinars.

We hear all the time about people who decide they’re going to limit or stop their use of Social Media. This time around we wanted to make sure we quantified just how many folks have actually managed to swear off and avoid daily Social Media usage (or never opened their lives up to Social Media in the first place). The answer, by the way, is not very many. Just 3% of our sample of over 3,200 persons 15-54 across all the PPM markets are not on one of the Social Media channels on a daily basis. And, as you might expect, when you drill down to the sub-samples likely to participate in either ratings methodology, the numbers get even smaller.

Also as you’d imagine, it’s more men than women who you can’t find daily on Social Media. And, among the men it’s mainly the oldest – and youngest – in our sample who eschew Social Media. Of course, even among the Boys 14-17 and Men 45-54, 93% of each group is on Social Media every day.

And while we’re focusing on the 14-54’s for the upcoming webinar, our latest study includes an additional sample of nearly eight hundred 55-64’s. So we can tell you that among Baby Boomers the percentages not available on Social Media every day jump up to 11% among Men and 10% among Women.

In the webinar we’ll show the details concerning Social Media usage … by age and gender and format constituencies and those most likely to participate in the ratings. We’ll also dive deep into our latest information on:

  • Workplace listening (How much of an impediment is headphone listening?)
  • National and local contests
  • Marketing messages that drive tune-in or boost TSL
  • Programming benchmarks that move the needle

As always, we promise to get through it all in less than 30 minutes – but we’ll stay on as long as needed to answer your questions. This new webinar kicks off just before Valentine’s Day. Register for any of three sessions at nuvoodoo.com/webinars.