A Message From Our CEO

Crowd with ukrainian flags in the evening.

In general, as individuals, we watch events around the world and understand that we’re not generally able do much to affect outcomes.  So we watch.  We see tragedies caused by nature.  We do what we can to help, limited as our ability to help might be.  We move on with our lives.

A natural disaster is one thing.  A deliberate act of unjustified aggression, one nation against another – one dictator against human beings simply living their lives as they determined they should — gets our attention in a completely different way.  As individuals, we may be just as incapable of affecting outcomes.  But as human beings, we feel the need to do something.  To have our voices heard.  To let those suffering know that we want to help – that we stand with them.  To acknowledge that while there can be opposing opinions, points of view, personal goals and aspirations, sometimes it’s just a matter of right and wrong; good vs. evil.  We are in the midst of such a moment now.

As an organization, NuVoodoo stands with the people of Ukraine.  Those flooding the borders.  Those hiding in the subway tunnels.  Those terrified and confused by what’s going on around them.  The men, women and children.  The grandparents.  The brothers and sisters and cousins.  The workers and the professionals.  The teachers and the nurses and the laborers.  The scientists and the clergy and the software developers.  The healthy and the sick.  The people simply trying to live their lives, just as we wish to live ours.

We stand against tyranny.  We stand against those who would deny the self-determination of the Ukrainian people.  We stand against the lies and the propaganda.  We stand against evil.

As individuals and as even as an organization, we cannot do much. But we can contribute to an organization that is working to help. NuVoodoo will be making a donation immediately. We encourage those on our staff to do the same. And we encourage our friends and clients, those who know us and those who might not, to do the same as well. You can consider the organization we have chosen, via the link that follows: http://unitedhelpukraine.org/

And there are other organizations doing good work and their links can be found here:


An individual cannot do much.  Working together, we can do so much more.

Freedom to the people of Ukraine, and all those who choose to be free.  We stand with Ukraine and against tyranny and evil.  Today and always.  May this conflict be brief and may justice and right prevail.