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Happy winter holidays

Don’t Forget To Laugh

By Carolyn Gilbert / December 11, 2023

A dear friend of mine went for a walk two days ago.  As she was walking across the parking lot near her home, a driver decided it was a good idea to back up with no reverse lights and within moments, the life squad was there because my friend could not put any weight on…

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You CAN Handle the Truth: The Benefit of Asking

By Carolyn Gilbert / January 23, 2023

“I was wrong.” “What I thought would happen made me do things that didn’t turn out the way I thought they would.” “Things happened that I didn’t anticipate.” “I thought what happened before would happen this time.” “I don’t know.” As businesspeople, these are things we are terrified to think, no less say.  We’re paid…

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Stressed Santa Claus preparing gifts

In The kNOW: Ho-Ho-How Do We Feel About the Ho-Ho-Holidays?

By Carolyn Gilbert / November 21, 2022

Curiosity got the best of us as Halloween faded and Thanksgiving loomed for the first relatively “normal” holiday season since 2019.  How are people feeling about the holidays this year?  Who’s more excited?  Who is less excited?  Are we Scroogier or Tiny Timmier?  Have our shopping habits changed for good?  With inflation and the threat…

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Female Protestor On Demonstration March Holding Time For Change Placard

Surviving Change May Require Introducing Even MORE Change

By Carolyn Gilbert / April 18, 2022

We watched a webinar last week from a major research company enthusiastically touting the rollout of a new piece of technology.  They’d been working on it for four years.  In 2022, this means that it is an old piece of technology. NuVoodoo has traditionally been a company, primarily serving an insular industry where the executives…

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Crowd with ukrainian flags in the evening.

A Message From Our CEO

By Carolyn Gilbert / February 28, 2022

In general, as individuals, we watch events around the world and understand that we’re not generally able do much to affect outcomes.  So we watch.  We see tragedies caused by nature.  We do what we can to help, limited as our ability to help might be.  We move on with our lives. A natural disaster…

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The All Access Audio Summit: The Case for Virtual Events

By Carolyn Gilbert / May 18, 2021

In the “before times,” conferences and meetings were part of the annual plan.  Getting together.  Learning together.  Eating and drinking together.  Spending lots of money.  This past year has helped us focus on the actual purpose of the events that people consider attending, and we’ve found some real benefits to the virtual event – and…

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By Carolyn Gilbert / September 10, 2013

Former EVP/Research, Critical Mass Media, and 15-Year PD Brings Deep Perceptual Analysis Experience to NuVoodoo’s Radio, Television and Newspaper Clients SEPTEMBER 10, 2013, CINCINNATI, OH—NuVoodoo Media Services, a next generation media research and marketing company founded by veteran media research and marketing strategist, Carolyn Gilbert, today announced that it has named prominent research and perceptual…

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